Inaugural Cultivators Cup Cannabis Competition Begins Friday, Aug 6, 2021, with Sale of Limited Edition Judges' Kits at Solar Cannabis Co.

Cannabis Flower Kits Featuring Product from 16 Licensed Cultivators Enables Consumers to Become Judges of The State's First-Ever, People's-Choice Blind Competition

Cultivators Cup 2021

TheFarmacist and Solar Cannabis Co. (Solar) today announced the exclusive retail sales date of its Cultivators Cup cannabis competition Judges' Kits to commence on Friday, August 6, 2021, at 9 a.m. at Solar's Massachusetts dispensary. 

Over 200 limited-edition Judges' Kits featuring the State's finest flower from 16 licensed cannabis cultivators will be up for grabs, as sales of the Commonwealth's first-ever, people's-choice cannabis competition gets underway on August 6. Cultivators Cup Judges' Kits enables the end-customer to become part of a true-blind cannabis competition where they receive 28, 1-gram containers of premium cannabis flower with the intention to discover "Who Grows the Best Grass in Mass™."

"We're so proud to see the concept of the State's first-ever, people's-choice cannabis competition become a reality," said Jordan Carlson, Founder of theFarmacist. "We created the Cultivators Cup to empower and establish emerging licensed cultivators, while allowing the actual consumer the ability to provide honest feedback on each of these products. We're confident that this will be the first of many Cultivators Cup competitions in the future."  

Individuals (Judges) participating in the competition are required to score each cultivators' cannabis flower strains based on bag appeal, nose, taste and smoke. Judges must submit their scores (via mail or electronically) with the inevitable winner to be announced at the Cultivators Cup music event (headlined by Cypress Hill and Method Man & Redman) on September 4, 2021. In addition to the 28 grams of flower, Judges' Kits feature (1x) two-day ticket to the VIP ceremony and music event, as well as exclusive Cultivators Cup merch/accessories.

"As a licensed cannabis operator in Massachusetts, it's really amazing to see this event evolve at such a fast pace and come to fruition," said Edward Dow, CEO of Solar. "What really surprised me was the amount of buy-in from the other licensed cultivators. Growing cannabis is a labor of love, and there's a lot of pride that goes into the process. It's evident we all want to know who has the best product in Massachusetts." 

Participating Cultivators:

  • Bask
  • Berkshire Roots
  • Bountiful Farms
  • Commonwealth Alternative Care
  • Cultivate
  • Garden Remedies
  • Gibby's Garden
  • Green Gold Group
  • Happy Valley
  • Natures Heritage (ARL Healthcare)
  • Rev Clinics
  • Rhythm (Green Thumb Industries)
  • Solar Cannabis Co.
  • Sanctuary Medicinals
  • Theory Wellness
  • Yamna

Cultivators Cup Judges' Kits can be purchased exclusively at Solar in Somerset, MA, beginning at 9 a.m. on Friday, August 6, 2021, and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tickets to the event can be purchased here. Interested sponsors/vendors can learn more about how to get involved here.

About Solar Cannabis Co. 
Based in Somerset, MA, Solar Cannabis Co. (Solar) is a 67,000 sq ft. vertically-integrated cannabis operator that cultivates and produces recreational marijuana/marijuana-infused products. To date, Solar is unlike any indoor cannabis manufacturing facility in America. With a commitment to sustainable and innovative practices, Solar's flagship facility was designed to reshape the way cannabis is cultivated. Through the implementation of microgrid assets (solar arrays and high-efficiency, combined heat & power units), LED lighting and 90% water reclamation, Solar is able to produce premium cannabis while lowering its overall energy profile as well as generating over five megawatts (MW) of clean power on-site. Learn more at

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