In Lifelong Service to Kids and Kittens - 'Jupiter Wendy' is Truly Committed to Protecting the Most Vulnerable

Speak Up for Kids board member and Guardian ad Litem volunteer Wendy Dohner exemplifies servant leadership and inspirational dedication

Wendy Dohner

Each Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County volunteer seems personally dedicated to multi-faceted advocacy, extending beyond singular focuses, living life in service to those most vulnerable and unable to speak up for themselves. Wendy Dohner, Speak Up for Kids board member and Guardian ad Litem volunteer, is a prime example.

Five years ago, Wendy, a California transplant and Jupiter local became a Guardian ad Litem - a court-appointed special advocate representing the best interests of children involved in Palm Beach County abuse, abandonment, and neglect cases. Through her service, she was introduced to Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County, the exclusive nonprofit support of the local Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program, and was inspired to volunteer for the Board of Directors. Since her GAL certification in July 2017, Wendy has volunteered 1,432 hours and driven greater than 10,000 miles in service to 12 cases - impacting 17 children. If assigned a dollar value, her volunteerism saved Palm Beach County greater than $55,000. That does not include her service on the board, coordinating and participating in functions.

As a San Diego, CA resident, Wendy served Standup For Kids as a mentor to children experiencing homelessness. Still, children are not the sole beneficiaries of the dedication and commitment of 'Jupiter Wendy' - the moniker to which she is lovingly referred. Over the past two years, her work with various local cat rescues has affected the rescue of 2,000 cats, while her partnership with Miami Beach's Kitty Campus has aided with the rescue, foster, and adoption of more than 82,000. Wendy is a powerhouse!

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Citizen on Patrol (COP) counts Wendy among their volunteers, serving Jupiter Farms patrolling in a vehicle, or as part of the elite Bike Unit. In addition, she extends her heart further to advocate for domestic violence victims while hosting mattress and clothing collections and coordinating toy drives to ensure dependency-involved children or those otherwise at-risk can celebrate holidays - and be celebrated on their birthdays.

Wendy is determined to make the world a better place, most recently spearheading a fundraiser for a family experiencing homelessness. Through her call to action - and proven advocacy record - enough money was raised to purchase and furnish a mobile home for the family. Speak Up for Kids is proud to have such remarkable volunteers among its ranks. Wendy humbly acknowledges her efforts while establishing that she is drawn to '…kids and kittens…" because they are "...the most vulnerable, completely unable to speak up for themselves."

Wendy's selfless commitment yields ripple effects beyond Palm Beach County, and we remain in continuous, collective awe as she effortlessly fits a 40-hour week into each 24-hour period she is given.

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Source: Speak Up For Kids of Palm Beach County