In His Latest Book, Craig Keeland Shares Inspirational Messages That He Learned Along His Journey From Dyslexia to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Beyond

Craig Keeland releases his second book, 'Vision to Victory,' on living triumphantly

Craig Keeland

Craig Keeland’s life is a testimony to hard work, perseverance and the power of thinking positively. He has just released his new book, "Vision to Victory," through CIS Publishing. "Vision to Victory" is an uplifting and highly motivational book encouraging personal growth for a triumphant future.

Keeland is the also the author of "Developing the Champion Within You," written to inspire personal excellence.

“There is a power to positive thinking,” says Keeland. “When you see your dreams in front of you, whether you know how to achieve them or not, you will be unstoppable. Just keep going.”

Craig learned at an early age that he would have to work harder in school, and probably in life, than most kids his age.

“No one knew what dyslexia was when I was growing up. I struggled, but I was determined.”

He ultimately did graduate high school, 355th out of 361 students. But he was unwavering in his quest to make it through college and attend the Wharton School. He did just that. Although he struggled in the majority of his high school classes, he excelled in business law and business arithmetic. Once he got to college, he was able to choose similar courses he had a deep interest in. He had to spend long hours studying and work a 20-hour a week job to put himself through school, but he knew he would achieve his goal.

“I had a fire in me, and a belief in myself, that if anyone could do something, I could too. It didn’t bother me to have to work harder, it helped me prove things to myself I may never have learned had I not had to struggle so hard. That’s a gift.”

Craig has turned his positive perseverance into becoming a successful businessman, philanthropist and author. He has owned 5 successful nutrition companies and co-founded the Andes Children’s Foundation benefiting the children of the Vilcabamba Valley in Ecuador.

“I want to be able to share what motivates me with the world. If I help motivate just one person, I will feel like the book is a success.”

The book is filled with motivational messages meant to resonate and encourage. Each message is coupled with a corresponding verse from the Bible.

“I wanted to give people ‘bite-sized’ inspiration. Memorable messages that can carry them through the next hour, or day or year ahead,” says Keeland.

“Victory in your life is something only you can determine. What is important to you, what is victory to you, is a matter of what is in your heart. No matter what has happened in your past, your best days are ahead of you. Victory can be yours.”

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