Imprisonment of Former President Yameen in Maldives Draws International Attention

Progressive Political Party calls for democracy and rule of law to be upheld in Maldives

Progressive Party of Maldives

The following is an open letter from the Progressive Party of Maldives​, the country's opposition political party.

President Yameen, former president of the Maldives and its current opposition leader has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for alleged money laundering.

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) feels the charges against President Yameen are politically motivated as a fulfillment of an election pledge of the current administration rather than a fair judiciary process.  Prior to the conclusion of the trial, we believe President Yameen was first detained to bar him from participating in the parliamentary elections in April 2019. He was denied the right to bail until a few days before the election.


We call on the current government of the Maldives to uphold the rule of law and ensure that President Yameen is able to exercise his human rights as guaranteed in the Maldivian constitution.

Deputy Leader of Progressive Party of Maldives Ahmed Shiyam is quoted as saying, "The Judicial Service Commission right now is full of political corruption, and it's evident that it has become a branch of the current political party in power. PPM is forced to raise an alarm when the Judicial Service Commission becomes a higher power in the Judiciary than the Supreme Court of Maldives. Look at President Yameen's case, the judge was changed 4 hours before the sentencing. He has been held without bail and under unacceptable conditions. Where else in the world would this kind of a case be considered just? We must stop the nepotism in this nation. There's no justice in this nation. There is no need for this government to act this way and then talk of justice in front of the Maldivian people who deserve better from their leaders."


Press Contact: Heena Waleed, +960-777-7601

Source: Progressive Party of Maldives


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