ImpactPharm Launches Innovative Telehealth App to Connect Patients & Pharmacists in Minnesota

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ImpactPharm, Inc., the new medication consulting service founded in Minnesota, officially launched its first mobile application, ImpactPharm, on July 14, 2022. The app mainly focuses on medication consultation, especially for patients with special medication needs, such as cancer patients, pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as patients who live in rural areas of Minnesota. The application will put patients' minds at ease to connect, discuss, and consult with qualified pharmacists about their medication issues. The app provides functions that benefit all users from 1-on-1 messages, sharing past medical records, retrieving past conversations, and choosing pharmacists based on patient preferences. With ImpactPharm, patients can consult with a pharmacist anywhere, anytime they prefer.

ImpactPharm is innovating how they connect patients with pharmacists. While it is comparatively easier to find a telehealth app for patients to talk with doctors, ImpactPharm found that patients also care about the dosage of a medication, side effects, and further questions relating to the pharmacist's expertise.

"We are bringing the pharmacists closer to cancer patients and pregnant/breastfeeding women by training pharmacists to become health coaches. In addition to answering medication-related questions, we help the patients improve their lifestyle habits, live a healthier life, and take fewer medications in the long run," CEO Sophie Phuong Le says.

Notably, ImpactPharm's pharmacist team has deep experience in cancer medication therapies, so cancer care becomes its first specialized area. The CEO shared that "Many of our pharmacists are board-certified, and one of them led an oncology pharmacy residency program at her former institution. With their expertise and extensive network in oncology, our pharmacists are in it for the patients. Not only that, all ImpactPharm pharmacists are health coaches, so we see you as a person, not just a set of medications you take."

The mission of ImpactPharm, in the long run, will focus on the benefits of both pharmacists and patients. A supportive working environment will help to create and sustain the quality of its services and provide patients with a human connection that advanced technology such as AI robots or search engines cannot take over. Each patient is going to be consulted directly by an experienced pharmacist, not an algorithm. The company is looking to build a community where patients can voice their questions and concerns and where pharmacists can dedicate their expertise to the benefit of others. 

About ImpactPharm Inc. 

ImpactPharm aims to improve the medication experience between patients and pharmacists. Founded by Sophie Phuong Le, a growth-oriented pharmacist, and a team of nationally accomplished pharmacists and physicians, ImpactPharm strives to deliver positive outcomes based on human connections. Additionally, the app is HIPAA-compliant, which means patient healthcare and personal information are kept private. The knowledgeable pharmacists together with the user-friendly technology provide a high-quality, yet simple and easy-to-use healthcare service for every patient in Minnesota. 

For further information, visit the ImpactPharm website: and email for detailed queries. 

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