Celebrating World Pharmacists Day With an Avocado Smoothie

ImpactPharm Supports Local Cancer Patients & Caregivers

ImpactPharm Smoothie Day

World Pharmacists Day on Sept. 25 is a celebration of all pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, and others who are part of this field. ImpactPharm is celebrating this day by making delicious avocado smoothies at the Hope Lodge Minneapolis and giving them to all participants today, Sept. 22, 2022. It will celebrate cancer patients, caregivers, and pharmacists that make the healthcare journey so much better together.

Imagine a world where everyone has access to their personal healthcare team anytime, anywhere they go, just like how they would keep in touch with family members. ImpactPharm starts by putting a pharmacist in everyone's pocket, shrinking the distance between a pharmacist to everyone from 5 miles to zero.

Why is this important? Every year, there are about 6 million drug-related emergency room visits that cost the healthcare system at least 3 billion dollars. As a front-line pharmacist, ImpactPharm founder, Sophie Le, looked for a way to scale the capacity of her own profession while collaborating and lightening the load for emergency physicians and front-line nurses.

The company will be featured in the Advancements with Ted Danson series on Bloomberg News. The show will be aired on Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7 pm Central Time. Anyone can watch Bloomberg live TV at https://www.bloomberg.com/live/us

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With the shortage of front-line healthcare workers, we are continuously improving ImpactPharm, Inc. Our app connects patients and pharmacists. Pharmacists are the most accessible member of the healthcare team. There is a pharmacist within 5 miles of everyone in the United States, but we'd like to shrink that distance to zero.

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