"Immunity Oil": Solves Numerous Health Problems

The online Webster-Merriam dictionary describes immune as: marked by protection; not susceptible or responsive; and having a high degree of resistance to a disease. These descriptions fit this new product called the Immunity Oil. The Immunity Oil is a specially formulated health oil supplement for adults and is extracted from the Vernonia amygdaline plant, a plant known for its healing capabilities. Ingested or applied to the skin, the design intent is to provide an all-natural product that, when taken daily, helps to build one's immune system, thereby improving or staving off a variety of maladies from stomach pains and memory loss, to arthritis, diabetes, and more. 

Immunity Oil is designed to be administered once a day by adults who wish to improve existing conditions or to possibly prevent the onset of a variety of maladies. The primary composition of Immunity Oil is extracted from the Venonia amygdalina plant, indigenous to West and South Africa and known as bitter leaf. It has long been used in Africa to fight a host of conditions and has been clinically proven effective in many cases. Some of the benefits of Immunity Oil are fever reducer; treatment for hydatidiform mole, trophoblastic tumor, lung tumor and prostate cancer; stops activities of gastric cancer cells;  hypertension; Typhus Disease; itch relief;  Malaria treatment;  increased endurance; Diabetes treatment; gallstones; diarrhea;  Bacillary Dysentery treatment; treating Typhoid; treating Tuberculosis; respiratory tract infections;  kidney disease; ear inflammation; toothache; treating Leptospirosis; mouth/oral inflammation; Influenza; venomous insects; scabies and scabs; prevents and eliminates Acne; battles against breast cancer; lowers cholesterol; contains essential fatty acids;  high in antioxidants;  increased metabolism, and more. 

In addition to also easing painful arthritis, Venonia amygdalina possesses properties that have been shown to strengthen the immune system through many cytokines (including NFҡB, pro inflammatory molecule) regulation, which covers the above conditions as well as suppression of metastasis of cancerous cells in the body by the inhibition of NfҡB, particularly for cancers of the prostate. The formula is free of such additives as artificial colorings and flavorings, yeast, wheat, gluten, sugars, and preservatives that can compromise the effectiveness of supplements. Packaged with one fluid ounce per bottle, Immunity Oil will be widely available in nutritional supply stores, pharmacies, medical suppliers, grocery stores, and wherever vitamins are sold. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Immunity Oil. 

The Immunity Oil is Patent Pending and was invented by Anneta Osuchukwu of Las Vegas, NV who said, “This oil can be ingested or rubbed into the skin to expose its all-natural healing powers. It answers so many health problems without any ill effects, while strengthening the body’s immune system. It works.” 

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