Immersive Cast is Taking the Lead in Commercializing the Virtual World

Immersive Cast

Immersive Cast, based in Seongnam 2 Pangyo Tech Valley, is taking the lead in implementing the evolution of the metaverse by providing 5G-based cloud VR solutions. By quickly transferring high-resolution images, one can provide an environment that is realistically creating more immersion. Users can even move around freely with the VR device on. Jung Kwang-Il, director of Immersive Cast said, "A realistic virtual world will be the first chapter to change the world." The universalization of the virtual world will play an important role in the conservation of carbon neutrality and energy.

As non-face-to-face life became more common due to COVID-19, the three-dimensional virtual world "metaverse" drew attention. Various experience contents, recruitment briefings, and press conferences became a part of our lives through the metaverse. However, in order for the metaverse to become a reality, the development of complex technologies such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and content graphics must be supported.

The Immersive Cast Cloud VR solution is easy to understand if thought of as a VR version of the cloud services such as iCloud. By applying ultra-low delay technology based on 5G MEC, contents such as games can be enjoyed through streaming regardless of the performance or storage space of VR devices. In particular, it is characterized by the application of technologies that reduce delay speed and improve quality in fields such as encoding, decoding, and visualization, on top of the network speed.

There is an XR office that can provide efficiency and convenience similar to real-life work collaboration through realistic remote work services and Real Tennis that can be enjoyed with family, acquaintances, and club members living far away. 

Immersive Cast announced that it will provide a new virtual reality (VR) service with cloud VR and next-generation VR glasses and provide a true next-generation VR service by presenting a new paradigm in the VR industry. 


Source: Immersive Cast