IMG GlobalSecur, International Travel Security Experts, Announces New Information Pages for Key Global Travel Security Consultants

IMG GlobalSecur is a leading consulting firm staffed by true international travel security experts. The firm is announcing new information pages on each of its key experts, who are available for media interviews as resource persons.

International Travel Security Experts

IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international travel security consulting firm, is proud to announce three new information pages on each of its key international travel security experts. The experts at IMG GlobalSecur have been interviewed by the media, including the New York Times, and are ready and willing to assist journalists, bloggers, and other key decision-makers who are looking for available expertise on issues concerning international travel security. After all, in today's society international travel is ubiquitous and yet security concerns run from the mundane such as the cybersecurity via public WiFi networks to the shocking such as kidnapping threats.

"Getting the word out is one of the ways that we educate the public to be safer when traveling internationally," explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. "Our new information pages make it easy for media types such as journalists or bloggers to find our key international travel security experts when they are in need of an interviewee or a quick fact check or overview on a trending story."

To view the information page about each expert in international travel, please visit Chris Hagon's page at, Harley Stock's page at, and/or Tim Bradley's page at On each page, journalists and bloggers can find an overview on the person's expertise, plus click on the "Contact" button to request an interview. Business persons, school administrators, corporate administrators and others looking for a consulting firm with expertise in international security issues, from cybersecurity to terrorism to supply chain vulnerabilities to employee travel can also view the pages and reach out for a consultation. The consulting firm offers services such as corporate security audits.


Here is the background to this release. Journalists, bloggers, and other media representatives have a tough time these days. The pace of news has accelerated far beyond the 24-hour news cycle to the pace of Twitter. What's happening on Twitter now becomes the news story for general consumption in the next hour. Nonetheless, journalists, bloggers and other media types need to be able to find competent experts to educate them on the issues of the day and sometimes to act as interviewees for a current story. When it comes to international travel security, another problem arises. While there are many academic and think-tank experts on international security, such as rising tensions between Iran and the United States or between North Korea and the United States, there are not so many experts on international travel security.

Yet businesspeople, executives, corporate types, and even students on study abroad programs are vulnerable to a range of security threats. Many of these security threats may not be as earth-shattering as the Iran Nuclear Deal or Donald Trump's recent visit to Singapore; yet they are the types of international travel security threats and issues that regular people face on a daily basis. Indeed, many corporations have woken up to the range of potential security problems they face with overseas meetings and cybersecurity. They need true international travel security experts, and the run-of-the-mill academic who wrote his or her dissertation on nuclear proliferation is the wrong man or woman for the job. Indeed, the experts at IMG GlobalSecur can also speak to cutting edge travel safety apps such as FoneTrac ( and the backend support as via GlobalSecur (

In summary, by updating its information page on each of its competent international security experts, IMG GlobalSecur has made it easy for media professionals to find and contact the right expert for their story.


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