IMG GlobalSecur Announces Post on International Travel Security Tips for the Holidays

International travel security experts, IMG GlobalSecur is announcing a new post offering key tips on travel security during the busy holiday season. The experts at IMG GlobalSecur offer detailed consulting services for corporations and businesses seeking to beef up their international travel security.

IMG GlobalSecur - International Travel Security Consultants

IMG GlobalSecur, leading international travel security consulting experts at, is proud to announce a new post offering basic international travel safety tips for the holiday season. As both business / corporate and pleasure travel increases worldwide, more and more travelers engage in international travel before, during, and immediately after the holiday season. With peak travel goes peak security risks, and the post is a wake-up call for anyone planning an international trip as 2019 comes to a close.

"Global travel by air continues to set new records as does cross-border traffic on major international borders such as the USA / Canada border and the USA / Mexico border," explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. "Our new post is a wake-up call for folks not to be deceived by Holiday Cheer lest they neglect to focus on basic travel security issues when crossing an international border."

Interested persons can read the full post at The post explains that international travelers can face a spectrum of risks, particularly during holiday seasons. From pickpocketing and street robberies to medical emergencies, holiday travel can be fraught with scenarios that would be difficult enough to navigate at home. When they happen in another country, particularly where cultural and language barriers exist, they can prove even trickier to resolve.

Indeed, digitally savvy persons are encouraged to check out the FoneTrac travel safety app at  The award-winning travel security app connects travelers to a back-end service (GlobalSecur at which offers real-time, and real-person assistance to travelers. One of the happy elements in the news on international travel security is the growth of apps that can assist travelers in knowing about, and mitigating, global travel security risks.


Here is background on this release. The holidays create a huge spike in all forms of travel, whether by car, by train, or by air. Indeed, with the increasing globalization across countries and continents, it should come as no surprise that security risks are rising as well. The new post is meant to stimulate the thought process not only among business travelers but also among HR managers and corporate executives who realize that they need to mitigate corporate vulnerabilities before (and not after) an incident occurs.


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