IMG GlobalSecur Announces Post on Finding Overseas Medical Assistance for Employees of Small Companies

The firm is announcing a new post that highlights the importance and availability of overseas medical assistance for employees.

IMG GlobalSecur

IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international travel security consulting firm at, is proud to announce a new post on the timely concern of many small businesses, specifically the availability of overseas medical assistance for employees. As more and more businesses send employees on international travel, including daily cross-border traffic between the United States and Mexico, concerns are growing about how to help employees should they have a medical emergency overseas.

"Medical emergencies for a specific person may not make the evening news but they are among the most common challenges for business travelers," explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. "Our new post is a form of outreach for business HR managers and other corporate types who may manage international travel programs for employees on a worldwide basis."

Interested persons can read the full post at The post dives into the importance of overseas medical assistance as a "benefit" for employees who travel overseas, the challenges faced by small businesses, and the reality that even small businesses can work with a partner like IMG GlobalSecur to offer such assistance. It's all about knowledge and about having the willpower and foresight to plan ahead for the inevitable medical emergencies that happen when a significant number of employees travel overseas. A second resource is the FoneTrac travel safety app website at Many employees are overjoyed to find a professional app for their iPhone or Android device that connects them to a network of backend support, including panic alerts and the ability to receive "push" notifications of significant risks, including but not limited to health risks in overseas countries.


Here is background on this release. We live in an age dominated by the ever-shortening new cycle. Whether it's the latest Tweet by the President, the latest horrific school shooting, or the latest terrorist event in a distant land, people tend to overemphasize the dramatic and unusual and underemphasize the mundane. IMG GlobalSecur consults extensively with companies on which risks they face, including risks from terrorism, cybercrime, and even corporate espionage, but among the most common challenges is the "mundane" medical emergency. For example, an employee travels overseas to Saudi Arabia, Mexico, or France, and has appendicitis. Suddenly there is a medical emergency and since the person is traveling "on business," this suddenly becomes, to some extent, the responsibility of the business. The new posts addresses the importance of pre-planning medical assistance for overseas employees as well as ways to minimize the cost. Interested persons are urged to read the post and reach out to the international travel security experts at IMG GlobalSecur for a consultation. A little planning, in summary, goes a long way.


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