"Illumi Hands/Wrist Lights": Alert Bracelet Lights Up the Life of the Wearer

​Medical alert bracelets are not uncommon but there is a new type which perfects the ability of the medical staff as well as the wearer to certain medical problems. Illumi Hands/Wrist Lights is a rechargeable, portable light source and lightweight medical alert bracelet that is configured in the form of a GPS enable, semi-flexible wristband. The design intent is to provide a hands-free light source that offers deaf consumers a practical means of illuminating the hands and face so they can easily communicate via Sign Language in darkened environments. Illumi Hands will also serve as a hands-free flashlight, a personal party strobe light, emergency signaling device and more.

 Illlumi Hands/Wrist Lights are offered in sets of two and manufactured of a flexible, weather-resistant (water-proof) material in sizes from extra-small too extra-large and will accommodate children and adult users of various sizes and statures. The Illumi Hands/Wrist Lights are fastened around the wrist with a series of interlocking magnetic fasteners. Along the top of the wristband is a series of LCD lights in either white or multi-colored versions for novelty purposes. A simple on/off switch is mounted to the base.  It has a vibrating decibel alarm which can be activated by depressing a round indented or slightly submerged button. Other key design features include wording on the sides of the wristbands with messages such as, “I am Deaf” or “I am Diabetic”, etc. and other emergency medical conditions can also be printed such as allergies, epilepsy, etc. The companion wristband in the set features emergency contacts and other pertinent data. A charging station with a USB port is included. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Illumi Hands/Wrist Lights.ands Wrist  
The Patent Pending Ilumi Hands/Wrist Lights was invented by Virginia Graham of Rosemead, CA who said, “Illumi Hands/Wrist Lights allow hearing impaired individuals to freely communicate with loved ones and friends when ambient lighting is dim. It can be an invaluable safety tool for those consumers suffering various physical maladies that require immediate attention when seeking medical care.  As a nurse I recognize how important that fact is; Illumi Hands/Wrist Lights also works great in social gatherings and serves for illumination as well as a novelty type bracelet.”

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