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RxSun helps Illinois homeowners implement solar energy.

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​Going solar is now more affordable than ever before in Illinois. RxSun, a leading residential solar firm based in Chicago, is helping Illinois homeowners explore their savings potential with solar. The state has recently developed a goal of being 25% renewable by the year 2025 and currently is only receiving 7% of its energy through renewable sources. The state hopes that by offering strong incentives to Illinois homeowners, it will get closer to reaching its 25% goal. Combined state and federal incentives allow homeowners in 2019 to recoup up to 70% of the cost of their system, shortening the payback period of "going solar" to just a few years, in many cases. This is very good news for homeowners, even those who have never considered solar power before. The financial benefit alone could be enough to convert many residences to solar power. This translates to a sizable opportunity to immediately reduce Illinois residents’ electric bills with $0 financing options, as well as long-term savings that can reach impressive numbers.

One important thing to keep in mind is that, as the percentage of renewable sources grows in Illinois, the incentives become more limited. 2019 is the last year to take advantage of the highest federal tax credit available. As a local firm with deep roots in the community, RxSun, helps Illinois homeowners understand their savings potential NOW before it’s too late.

"For every system installed, RxSun will donate 1,000 meals through our partnership with Feeding America" states Gersch. "Our goal is to make a larger impact on our community by helping to fight hunger across the country."

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