IDSCA Rolls Out Improved Technology for Live Action on the 2017-18 NBA Season

The most advanced Pay Per Head betting service in the industry expands features for the 2017-18 basketball season.


NBA's new season just started and the odds and picks are already bustling throughout the internet. This season's opening slate of games has no shortage of action and surprises. Basketball and sports betting aficionados around the world are placing their bets through the IDSCA Pay Per Head platform.

The company has become the leading Pay Per Head Software provider in the betting industry and it's revolutionizing the way online bets are made. The service is available for both desktop computers and mobile devices. Using the most advanced web technology on the market, bookies, bettors and casual players can check odds, review analysis and scores and place their bets wherever they are in real time. IDSCA is also friendly with bet organizers and provides multiple performance reports for each player.

This popular PPH Service provides up to date and accurate real-time lines and odds. It works as a secure and fun-filled online casino software for sports bets, and is poised to be a favorite this NBA season with new updates and features. The betting is secured with top-notch data technology. IDSCA’s fast, dedicated servers guarantee there will be no downtime in the service no matter how many people are betting and how much demand a certain match could have.

Some other important features IDSCA offers are multilingual staff and a dedicated customer service with a call center open around the clock. An added value for this new NBA season are the metrics on prevailing trends before game as they're very helpful to make the most accurate betting decisions.

For more information, or to make a media inquiry, contact IDSCA at (866) 255-5437.

Source: IDSCA

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