IDSCA Introduces Dynamic New Pay Per Head Betting Software

The modernized bookmaking platform is now available internationally

IDSCA, the leading sports betting software engineers, is bringing forth a newly modernized web platform compatible with each of the world’s most popular devices. Now more than ever, players and administrators can be updated on live betting action, all streamlined in real-time fashion. 

Ideal for use by the world’s top sportsbook administrators and bookies, much of the legwork of administration is taken care of by the pay per head sportsbook management software solution.

Taking it a step further than most other betting software solutions on the market, IDSCA offers a dedicated customer support staff that can be tailored to both a bookie and bettor’s needs. Available 24 hours a day, players can phone in their picks to get in on the action right before the moment an event gets underway.   

Gone are the days of needing to use papers and spreadsheets for tracking each individual player's performance. IDCSA has dynamic performance tracking systems that appeal to both the player and the administrator. Sheet management is no longer archaic and primitive, and is easily sorted and reported as part of IDSCA's pay per head services.

With every major sports league in the world available for live action, bettors can bet live with half-time action and dynamic over and under spreads. A wide range of action is available, from parlays, teasers and moneylines, to access to over 200 racetracks around the world and software casino gaming.    

Players can track key stats to help them decide on what action to take. The platform provides users with user-friendly stats on sports performances as well as their own individual performance. 

Bookies can rest assured that the lines adjust according to the betting public’s action in real time with the “sharpest” lines in the industry. For example, sporting events with heavy action will reflect right on the screen without the need to refresh—similar to some of the most advanced stock trading platforms in the world.   

Pricing for the software service is among the most competitive in the industry, with several options available to aspiring business owners based on their need for scalability.  

Additionally, IDSCA offers the highest level of security features as well for safe transmission of information, utilizing the same level of security encryption that the world’s top banking institutions use for their financial transactions. The service boasts modern and dedicated servers that are able to process large numbers of requests at one time; that way, no pick or parlay gets nullified due to delays.  

White label options are also available for clients who want to build their own brand identity, and will retain access to all of the key features. 

To inquire about software services, clients can get started in a matter of minutes by making an inquiry on the IDSCA Home Page.  For press Inquiries, contact (888) 225-5437.

Source: IDSCA


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