ICOadm.in Releases New Bounty Platform - Innovation in ICO Bounty Campaigns for Business

ICOadm.in announces the launch of its bounty platform, a unique self-driving platform offering a way of bounty perception both as a classic notion and as a system that acquires money. The project’s team has restructured the ordinary scheme and unified functions both of social networks and bounty platforms. This unique scheme will be very effective for any kind of business as well as for bounty hunters.

The ICOadm.in platform functions as a classic social network. It allows the user to add friends, invitations, chat, and interact within the community. On the other hand, it offers a bounty platform with AI, machine learning and fully automatized task management. These features are of great importance for big companies and startups.

"We believe that our product will have a drastic impact on the overall market because of its great economic potential and unique structure" - Anton, Chief Executive Officer, ICOadm.in

Bounty hunters’ reward currently remains the most urgent issue on the market. ICOadm.in guarantees that the hunters will certainly get their reward. The project uses a special smart contract storage that ensures 100 percent token payments to all bounty hunters. Moreover, the team created an integrated reward system that aims to lure more hunters.

Customer level and rating will have a drastic impact on token awards. Additionally, bounty hunters will get toolboxes for their achievements, consisting of tokens and variable cryptocurrencies. A modern design and handy interface will help engage more investors.

Business Contact:

Vladislav Petrov

Source: ICOadm.in


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Tags: bounty program, ico, initial coin offering, KYC, smart contract

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