ICOadm.in Announces Security Token Offering (STO) Compliance

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ICOadm.in company introduces a new solution for ICO market - STO compliant software. Having become one of the crowdfunding tools, ICO market needs to keep up with the upcoming challenges and increasing demands. Right now, crowdsale market suffers drastic changes and brand new ways of crowdfunding become available for the companies.

Security tokens are tokens which have following attributes that differentiate them from the classical perception of the common utility token. Generally, the following can be considered as a security token:

  • Tokens that provide right to equity shares in a company;
  • Tokens that represent the right to own profit or ownership in a company;
  • Tokens that represent debt obligation;
  • Tokens which are supported by real assets;

"STO becomes more flexible and suitable instrument for the whole market. It reflects the major requirements of investors and companies. Security token offering allows institutional professional investors to take part in an initial token offering safely. Now we can satisfy all of our client's needs and provide them with professional STO solution." - Sabir Magdeev, COO, ICOadm.in.

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Vladislav Petrov

Marketing Director



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