Icinga Web 2.0.0 - a New Interface Is Born

The Icinga Project released the final version of its new web interface Icinga Web 2. The new interface impresses with a completely new design and many user-friendly enhancements helping to find the relevant information even faster.

The Icinga Project released Icinga Web 2.0.0, the final version of its new web interface. With the completely clean and reduced design users see at a glance whether Icinga doesn´t run properly or other significant problems occurred. The dashboard has been enhanced with many new views. Overdue hosts and services indicate that a check result is being late and muted hosts and services show acknowledgements or disabled checks. In contrast to previous versions, the interface has now a detailed view for host and service checks which are not being executed in time.
To provide additional security, many new features have been implemented into the final version of Icinga Web 2. Accessing modules now requires appropriate permissions. All existing permissions and restrictions of the predecessors are of course retained in the new version. Roles containing permissions and restrictions can be assigned to users and user groups in order to permit or restrict their access.
With the improved integration of Active Directory and other LDAP servers, loading users, users groups and group memberships of them is now supported. Authenticating against Kerberos and loading user groups from Active Directory for example also became possible with the new version.
Instead of defining host and service actions via Icinga’s configuration files, every user is now enabled to create them with the web interface and even share them to others. The configuration allows to add actions only to certain hosts or services and supports macros like the host and service name, and custom variables.
The new web interface provides yet a very basic API for scheduling and removing host and service downtimes. Basic access authentication is also a new feature to ease usage of the API. For the future, more API actions can be expected.
After this release, the Icinga Team will focus on modules for Icinga Web 2 to integrate various popular tools to enhance the DevOps stack.

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Stephanie Kotilge, Icinga Community & PR