IC Realtime Launches New Secure Off-Site Cloud Video Storage for Digital Surveillance Recorders

IC Cloud by IC Realtime

Florida-based IC Realtime has sold advanced, multi-channel Network Video Recorders and digital cameras to government agencies and businesses worldwide for nearly two decades. These advanced devices provide POE power and record video while simultaneously streaming in "real time" to local, network, and app-based devices. 

Apps that access cloud storage continue to grow in popularity as data bandwidth gets faster and more affordable. This new cloud trend makes video surveillance systems no longer require local recording devices, more economical to install, and an overall lower-cost option for non-critical installations.

IC Realtime jumped on the trend last year and began developing IC Cloud, a commercial-grade off-site audio/video solution exclusively for users of IC Realtime recorders and security cameras. Although the new cloud service can work with any manufacturer's cameras, they must stream them through an IC Realtime NVR interlocking security and privacy protocols. Even coax-based camera systems can use IC Realtime HDVR recorders to stream their content to the IC Cloud. 

With the cloud shift moving full speed ahead, there is still no substitute for surveillance recording hardware. However, an off-site backup for security footage is a significant advantage that's impossible to duplicate in recording devices. IC Cloud minimizes the risk of theft, fire, or weather damage to equipment and gives the ability to add unlimited storage space without having to add or replace hard drives.

"IC Cloud can't replace a local recorder's high resolution, smart AI features like facial recognition or detection features, but it gives dealers and clients using IC Realtime gear a secure and scalable off-site solution," says CEO Matt Sailor

IC Cloud is now the professional's choice for efficient and cost-effective storage for small systems and remote backup solutions for larger systems. Managers with one or two cameras at multiple locations can securely centralize recording storage, and larger system operators can assign their primary camera streams to Cloud for backup.

With infinitely scalable capabilities, IC Cloud is the perfect "starter system" for IC Realtime IP camera owners with just a few cameras. Each camera can have customized storage settings and plans, from detection-based snapshots to continuous video and audio recordings. 

IC Realtime does not plan to remove recording hardware from its security system lineup but believes IC Cloud is the clear answer for professional video systems that need continuous HD footage and long-term storage. The best part is IC Realtime offers free professional system design services to help plan camera systems on or off the cloud. 

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