IBM 00V7590 LTO 6 BaFe Media Tape With Limited Lifetime Warranty

IBM brings a limited lifetime warranty with its 00V7590 LTO 6 BaFe Media Tape. Lets take a brief insight of many other vital features that makes it as one of the best LTO Tapes in today's markets.

Since the arrival of LTO 6 Data Media Tape Technology, IBM and HP are the only manufacturers that have successfully positioned themselves on top of the list. What you ultimately get with IBM’s 00V7590  LTO 6 Ultrium tape is the absolute level of data security and reliability when it comes to archiving valuable media.

Following the huge demand for value added features and benefits from most of the businesses; IBM has come up with some of the most unique features including a limited lifetime warranty and fulfilling businesses’ various cursory needs when it comes to purchasing a whole new stack of data media tapes.

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Here is a set of some of the most phenomenal highlights when it comes to the LTO-6 Media Tapes;

  • Increased data storage capacity.
  • Improved data security and reliability.
  • WORM capabilities that allow choosing between write-once-read-many or rewritable options.
  • Absolute support for the Linear Tape File System.
  • Custom Cartridge Labels.

Let us know extend the span by taking a brief look on what has been offered with the IBM 00V7590 LTO 6 Barium Ferrite Media Tapes;

  • Up to a total of 2.5 TB native media storage capacity.
  • An undeniable 6.25 TB compressed data storage capacity.
  • Support for IBM’s Linear Tape File System.
  • RFID Embedded Cartridge Labels.
  • Choose between Rewriteable and WORM models.

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