Save More On Growing Storage Cost with Maxell LTO Tapes

Following last month's deal on HP LTO Tapes, Device Deals now brings the best in class Maxell LTO Data Tapes at market thrashing sums. Starting from LTO-1 up to LTO-6 data tapes, Device Deals has got a lot more for businesses looking for IT products that are really helpful in uplifting the overall value proposition of the entire IT Infrastructure.

Most businesses want to save more data but at a reasonably minimized cost per GB of stored data which seems pretty impossible while standing by any of the leading online data storage solutions.

Apart from large scale businesses, growing data cost has become one of the most critical concern for small and medium scale businesses around the globe where IT managers are still in the quest for reducing their data storage costs as low as possible.

Device Deals is the largest supplier for LTO Data Tapes in the U.S.

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LTO Data Tapes are incredibly capable of bringing in the best balance between storage capacity and costs. Here are the various storage capacities of the entire line of Maxell LTO Data Tapes.

  • Maxell 183850 LTO-2 Backup Tape 200GB /400GB with 80MB/Sec data transfer rate.
  • Maxell 183900 LTO-3 Backup Tape 400GB/800GB with 160MB/Sec data transfer rate.
  • Maxell 183906 LTO-4 Backup Tape 800GB/1600GB with 240MB/Sec data transfer rate.
  • Maxell 229323 LTO-5 Backup Tape 1500GB/3000GB with 280MB/Sec data transfer rate.
  • Maxell 229558 LTO-6 Backup Tape 2.5TB/6.25TB with 400MB/Sec data transfer rate.

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