IAI Corporation Grows Into One of the Biggest Distributors of Smoking Products in the United States

The smoking supplies company is expanding its product list and number of businesses to which it delivers wholesale products.

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IAI Corporation, headquartered in the City of Industry, has recently become one of the largest distributors and wholesalers of smoking and vaping products in the United States. In consideration of their status, the company has launched their new website that will offer an expanded list of products and will offer wider distribution to a wider range of clients around the country.

Abdul Aziz, owner of IAI Corporation, said that by using a direct from the manufacturer model, a range of products can be bought cheaper than anywhere else when purchased in bulk. IAI's core products include water pipes, glass hand pipes, ceramic pipes, metal pipes, bubblers, acrylic pipes, oil burners, wood pipes, pipe smoking accessories, vaporizers, steam rollers, grinders, incense, dugouts, hookah accessories, glass accessories and all related products.

Those who buy from us have good profit margins.

Abdul Aziz, Owner

"Those who buy from us have good profit margins," said Aziz. "We supply most of the wholesalers and distributors in the U.S.

IAI ships to all major distribution cities and warehouses throughout the country at greatly-discounted bulk prices. In turn, many of those distributors are able to fulfill a healthy amount of bulk orders to their own clients.

Launch of the modernized website comes with 150 to 200 new product offerings. Many of the listings are water pipes made with plethora of unique designs. The website serves as an ordering portal IAI's clientele, which consists of warehouses and head shops throughout the country. Once there, they can check on their orders, replenish stocks and get prompt customer service. Most orders are made and received within two to five business days.

The company was established in 1994 and began to webify its services in recent years through earlier versions of its website. Due in part to steady company growth and the need to evolve towards a more digital form of order processing, the company is announcing that it will be taking on new business and expanding product lines well into the future.

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Source: IAI Corporation

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