I Have Two Mothers: China and the US, Florence Fang Tells People's Daily Online West USA

Florence Fang

People's Daily Online West USA produced a documentary about Florence Fang in November 2019. Mrs. Fang explains how she believes she has two mothers: one is China and one in the United States.

Mrs. Fang is a well-known overseas Chinese leader, a renowned Chinese entrepreneur and social activist in the U.S. She is an American newspaper tycoon, entrepreneur, and patriotic foreign Chinese leader. The American media dub her “the steel magnolia.” The Hearst family owned 95 newspapers and 110 companies in its heyday. Mrs. Fang acquired San Francisco Examiner, a mainstream English language newspaper in the U.S., on March 17, 2000, becoming the first female Chinese chairman of the Examiner. On the day of acquisition, the front page of the San Francisco Examiner published the word SOLD in a super large font, which became a famous historical event. Florence Fang also runs several English-language media, including Asian Weekly and Independent.

Having lived in the U.S. for 60 years, Mrs. Fang concludes: Chinese people know Americans better than Americans. In the documentary, Mrs. Fang shares her experience of living in the United States for 60 years. She tells People's Daily Online West USA that, in the future, she hopes to contribute even more towards the friendship between China and the United States.

She passionately said, “I have two mothers, China is like my biological mother, and the U.S. is like my adoptive mother. I am much attached to my two mothers. The healthy and stable development of China-U.S. relations is my lifelong wish.” To this end, she travels between China and the U.S. for friendly cooperation and exchanges.

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