I Got The Hook Up 2 is the Number One Urban Film in the Country

Theater average higher than big-budget films, top ten on iTunes and Amazon

Genius Minds Films made history today going up against big-budget films. "I Got The Hook Up 2" is the number one urban comedy in America. The film has reached top ten on iTunes and Amazon, proving that African American and Latino movies are in demand.

Master P's "I Got The Hook Up 2" theatrical per screen outperforms "Crawl" at $3787 and "Stuber" at $2697 per screen while "I Got The Hook Up 2" limited release at $4028 per screen. Master P says, "God is good. We must keep dreaming big. It's all about ownership and controlling the content that we create so that we can make a real difference and put money back into our communities. This opens the doors for the next generation of African American and Latino independent filmmakers. We also need diversity in Hollywood, not just on the big screen but in ownership. "I Got The Hook Up 2" is not just a movie, it's a movement. We could not have done this without the fans."

"I Got The Hook Up 2" is a film that was paid for by Percy (Master P) Miller and his son Romeo Miller. The two came together to make this sequel. Much like what Master P did back in the nineties with his music label No Limit, Miller is taking on the traditional way to market and make films in Hollywood.

For more information, go to www.iGotTheHookUp2.com.

Source: Genius Minds Films