"I Am Loved Bracelet": Provides Emergency Medical Personnel With Key Information

The new "I Am Loved Bracelet" is specially designed to supply immediate personal information in an emergency.

​How often have we heard anchors and other television commentators talk about the need to know who an injured individual might be and how difficult it is to identify victims in certain situations? This new device, the I Am Loved Bracelet, is made of a unique material, both waterproof and fireproof, and holds all the personal/medical information about the wearer that is always required and badly needed by first responders in an emergency situation.  This bracelet is to be worn at all times and will also locate lost or missing children, adults and pets, as well as provide emergency medical personnel with key information should there be such a situation.
The design intent of this bracelet was to create a “Multi-Generational Family Commitment” to wear the I Am Loved Bracelet and bring peace-of mind to all family members, recognizing that in any given emergency situation he or she can be immediately identified and medical help provided even when the wearer is unconscious. The 911 button on the bracelet allows for immediate contact to emergency personnel and the Angel Button audible alarm is also used when the wearer might feel threatened by a stranger or can be used to scare them away.  When a tragedy takes place where one’s loved one’s cannot be present the I Am Loved Bracelet is a vital ID tool allowing a rescuer to respond properly.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the I Am Loved Bracelet.
The Patent Pending, I Am Loved Bracelet was invented by Allis Dunlavey of New City, NY who said, “The colors and styles are varied to appeal to different tastes. This works as well for adults as children and the Angel Button will provide an audible alarm alerting wearers and other personnel to search for this bracelet when responding to a risk-type situation. I Am Loved Bracelet speaks for itself as if it is a guardian angel for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

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