Hypervsn 'Holograms' Surprise Viewers With Brilliant Mid-Air 3D Floating Imagery

New technology Hypervsn from TLC Creative Special Effects is dazzling people with mid-air floating video that is often called holograms because they don't know what to compare it to. An invisible screen that allows viewers to look though the floating imagery is part of the illusion of this new mid-air display technology.

Holographic Hypervsn 3D Displays Create Visual Excitement

Holograms are unique because the 3D images are "floating in air," however, the viewer has to look AT the hologram "film" with a focused light to see the effect. Unlike the fantasy image of Princess Leia beamed out of R2D2, holograms cannot be projected into mid-air with current science, and the "see-through" effects in dark rides use a very old stage lighting trick called Pepper’s Ghost.

Now there is a new technology called Hypervsn by Kino-Mo that is creating a "holographic" effect with brilliant HD imagery that is literally floating in mid-air. Hypervsn is astounding to see because the screen is completely see-through, and 3D imagery this bright, and this detailed, has never floated in the air before.

This technology is magic. It literally stopped people in their tracks. An incredible way to bring my client's brand and messaging to life. No one has ever seen anything like this before. Totally unique.

Matthew Fletcher, Creative Director FreemanXP

TLC Creative Special Effects, an award-winning Los Angeles-based event and technical production company, has been working closely with U.K.-based Kino-mo to offer Hypervsn to the special events and exhibiting industries. TLC’s close relationships with U.S. sports teams and stadium venues, creating special effects and projection mapping for NBA, NHL and others, has launched Hypervsn into high-traffic areas in the U.S.

The "holograms" were a highlight at a conference event for marketing experts at Marketo. The Marketo holograms floated on display pedestals at the three-day conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, featuring 3D graphics created by TLC Creative. FreemanXP designed tall displays to showcase the holographic effects produced by nine Hypervsn units from TLC.


Matthew Fletcher, creative director at FreemanXP, said, "This technology is magic. It literally stopped people in their tracks. An incredible way to bring my client's brand and messaging to life." Describing the impact of Hypervsn, he said, "No one has ever seen anything like this before. Totally unique."

Venues, resorts and special events are using Hypervsn for its incredible "holographic effect." 3D branding and messaging grabs immediate attention as people, surprised to see how unique it is, stop to watch. Dwell time means brands presented on Hypervsn are getting high-value impressions and an association with new technology that boosts the brand image.

Retailers and entertainment companies seeking unique experiences for their guests are tapping into the surprise factor of Hypervsn holograms. Westfield, Caruso, Universal and Disney are among those designing ways to bring the amazing "holographic" display to their properties to engage their guests with new technology.

Videos and photos of Hypervsn can’t show how brilliant the LED is or how exciting the "holographic" effect is in person. Camera shutters and light levels are challenged while trying to focus on Hypervsn, which means it has to be seen in person, with the naked eye, to see the holographic effect. This makes Hypervsn very special - it’s not like any other technology.

Depth beyond the Hypervsn see-through screen is surprising to viewers, so the displays are very effective in open areas, especially areas that allow a view into the distance. Even a short distance is ideal, especially if there are textures or decor in the view, to excite the viewers as they see that the display is invisible. It’s like a visual puzzle, as viewers keep watching until they can figure out what they are seeing and how it’s achieved.


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