Hyde and Three Day Rule Matchmaking: A Cuffing Season Collaboration

Summer is long gone, but cuffing season is just around the corner. Whether one is staying in for a Friday night dinner or making a quick weekend getaway, Hyde and Three Day Rule are here to make sure the process is seamless.

Confidence Styled

Meeting someone new can be intimidating; one's mind easily spirals into endless questions and one of those, more often than not, is “What am I going to wear?” Three Day Rule–a modern matchmaking company–has partnered with Hyde–an upscale menswear styling and rental clothing service–to ensure everyone has all of the tools to enter cuffing season with confidence. Looking for a stylish jacket that doubles for date night and the office in the morning? A sweater that works for lounging and that business luncheon? Hyde has a multitude of easy transitional pieces that can fit any needs this fall.

This collaboration adds another dimension of benefits to one's dating experiences by ensuring all of the tough decisions are taken care of. Whether one is new to the dating scene or a seasoned pro looking for deeper or more meaningful connections, presenting oneself in the best possible way is crucial. Hyde makes it seamless to get started, get the right fit, and get two outfits delivered just in time for a date or outing.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Three Day Rule Matchmaking, while launching integrations that Hyde feels should be the industry standard. We’re working to make it easier than ever to take care of your wardrobe needs, through existing websites, matchmaking, or offered services. This is the future of clothing rental services.” - Hyde’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Aaron Crist. 

"Dating for the typical busy professional can be both time-consuming and vulnerable. In partnering with Hyde, we know our clients are in good hands when it comes to their date night and everyday wardrobe needs. We're thrilled to partner with a brand that helps our clients both simplify and enhance their busy lives!" Talia Goldstein, founder of Three Day Rule Matchmaking.

The Hyde integration is available to the Three Day Rule Matchmaking pool and Premium members. Users can get started today and get back to focusing on their next match, without worrying about their wardrobe. 

Source: Hyde

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