Hunt's Services Highlights Crucial Electrical Safety Tips for an Incident-Free Easter Season

The Tacoma, WA-based company amplifies need for electrical safety checks during family gatherings and festivities, prioritizing the safety of residents in the Puget Sound area

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Joseph Krissoff, the General Manager at Hunt's Services, inaugurates a campaign emphasizing the paramount importance of electrical safety as families prepare for Easter and spring celebrations. The initiative is crucial to ensuring the safety of households during the festive season, deterring potential accidents that could mar the joy of gatherings.

"Electrical hazards can easily be overlooked during the holiday season, as most people focus on decorations and festivities. Our campaign aims to put electrical safety back in the spotlight, so that families can enjoy happy and safe holidays. As a former firefighter, father and homeowner, this is not just our business mission, it is personal," said Krissoff.

Hunt's Services, in its commitment to comprehensive electrical safety, provides critical tips in preparation for the season. These include thorough inspection of decorations for any potential damage, use of outdoor-rated extension cords, mindful planning of Easter egg hunts to avoid electrical hazards, avoiding overloading electrical outlets, supervising children near electric utilities, and regular testing of smoke alarms for early detection of fire emergencies.

"The need for adherence to these guidelines cannot be overstressed. We urge homeowners to incorporate these steps in their preparations. These precautions ensure not just a memorable celebration, but more importantly, a safe one," added Krissoff.

For proactive assistance in electrical maintenance, repairs, installations, or upgrades or in case of any electrical emergencies, homeowners in the Tacoma - Seattle area can reach out to Hunt's Services at 253-533-7500 or schedule a licensed Electrician at

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