Hunk2 Underwear Changing Sexy Men's Underwear: Less Branding and More Design

Adventurous enough to wear a jockstrap, or simply a modern man looking to wear fun, high-quality boxer briefs, Hunk2's new line of sexy men's underwear will bring something new to men's drawers.

Sexy Mens Underwear by Hunk2

​​​With so many brands and designers in underwear fashion, it seems like there is no room left for innovation in sexy men’s underwear design. Hunk2 Underwear (spelled Hunk Squared) has introduced something new that will mark the trend in menswear in coming years: minimalist branding in underwear. Flashy large logos that used to make men look as walking brand’s billboards are becoming a thing of the past. Hunk2 knows that sophisticated men go after quality and do not care much about displaying a brand’s logo all over their garments. Hunk2 says no to heavy branding in men's underwear! This trending underwear brand has launched a new line of sexy underwear for men -briefs and jockstraps- that are not only sexy but are different to anything seen in men’s underwear.

Hunk2 Underwear is a revolutionary men’s fashion brand that specializes in high-quality innerwear for men who enjoy fine fabrics and care about style.  The brand is not intended only for men with perfect bodies, and aims to make any stylish man comfortable in their skin. Allen Campbell, official spokesperson of the Hunk2 brand, highlighted the fact that Hunk2 boxer briefs elastic bands do not only lack heavy branding, but also are thinner than the standard 4-cm waist elastic bands that all underwear brands use. Interestingly, the company performed tests on men of all sizes using various widths of waist elastic bands. What they found is that thinner bands would translate into extra comfort and would reduce the likelihood of the so-hated muffing tops showing up!  Men loved this. Finally, there’s a brand more interested in improving men’s comfort than branding their logo.

Hunk2 says no to heavy branding in men's underwear!

Hunk2’s boxer briefs new line did not stay only at improving comfort. Their designs are strikingly innovative and fun. From the beautiful curvy lines in the Apollo Nuit², going through the chic pockets in the Apollo Bleu² or Nature² styles, and to the amazing fabrics in the Apollo Smoke², this new collection has the classiest and best designed boxer briefs introduced to men’s underwear fashion. The company is already designing their next short briefs collection and plans to come with more fun and colorful designs, says Allen.

And for the more adventurous men, the brand has launched a new jockstrap collection. Hunk2’s jockstraps for men are just fantastic. For the men who are into fashion jockstraps and who disagree with wearing heavy branding, the brand has introduced their classy Eros Jockstrap collection. These jockstraps will make men who have never worn them want to give them a try. They truly look and feel different than any other jockstraps in men’s fashionwear. Their latest launch includes also a collection of thongs for men.

Hunk2 Underwear latest briefs and jockstraps line was designed in the United States and manufactured in Colombia using quality nylon and high fashion finishes. The company does not believe in compromising on quality which is why they are not planning on moving their operations to Asia. This is the path that most underwear brands follow to gain business scalability. Hunk2 is not the typical gay underwear brand, they believe that supporting South American manufacture and USA designers gives their product unique quality and competitiveness among their selective audience.

Instilling good taste in the underwear world and sending a positive message to men, Hunk2 Underwear is ready to take men’s fashion by storm. 

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