HTVRONT is About to Throw a Summer Party, the Best Mid-Year Sale in 2023

One of the most cost-effective sales events designed for craft lovers will be July 7-13, 2023.

HTVRONT, one of the top-notch handicraft brands worldwide, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated mid-year sale, taking place for five days from July 7 to 13, 2023. As one of the big annual sales, this event is held to offer its customers unprecedented bonuses and benefits for the love and support of the past half year, as well as the most preferential price of its flagship machine product, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press.

"As an innovative and indigenous brand specialized in developing and producing better-value craft materials and machines, we always commit to empowering creativity worldwide. Following our brand value: devotion, passion, and sincerity, we strive to enable every crafter to put their brilliant and imaginative ideas into reality," said Allen He, the CMO of HTVRONT. "That's why we set this mid-year big sale for our friends and all craft enthusiasts, to bring the most popular automatic heat press into more people's houses and workshops and to boost the productivity of making creation into life."

It is said that this sales event will offer HTVRONT's customers the best-selling products with huge discounts of from 30% to 50%, such as heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, sublimation paper, craft accessories, on several top international shopping platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Lazada, AliExpress, Shoppe, and its official website. And to give back to valued customers, both new and existing, HTVRONT's official website will release three exclusive sections: flash sales, lucky bags, and discounted items to amplify the excitement of this incredible sale.

One of the main casts during this sales event, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, which earned the prestigious title of "Best Seller" on Kickstarter, the most influential crowdfunding platform around the world, will captivate more crafters this time with the most favorable price. Featuring an automatic lifting system, intelligent pressure exertion function, a pullout drawer design, a multi-layer insulation shell, and built-in fast ironing modes, this remarkable heat press machine is designed to be the best companion for every craft lover, delivering professional-grade results.

By now, HTVRONT has won recognition and loyalty from more than 10 million followers across over 150 countries and regions. Most comment on the products as "accessible, durable, and affordable." This acclaim stems not only from HTVRONT's beginner-friendly and cost-effective offerings but also from its robust business system, which combines an efficient logistics network, a self-reliant factory of over 30,000  square meters, and global supply chains. 

For now, the HTVRONT production team is preparing to launch its newest Auto Tumbler Heat Press, the second smart heat press in its product line.

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