HTVRONT Debuts the HTVRONT 10"X10" Easy Press, the World's First Pressure Detection Heat Press Machine

The HTVRONT 10"X10" Easy Press for T-Shirts, the World's First Heat Press Machine With Pressure Detection, is Available Now.

HTVRont easy press 10*10 heat press machine

HTVRONT is delighted to announce the HTVRONT 10*10 Easy Press - the world's first heat press machine with the function of displaying pressure. It can reduce ironing errors and improve work efficiency. Users do not have to worry about overheating and hot hands when using it. It is perfectly suited for HTV vinyl, adhesive vinyl, printable vinyl, etc. 

Industry-first Heat Press with Pressure Transducer

As the industry-first heat press with a pressure transducer, it uses 4 semiconductor pressure sensors and MEMS technology to convert the quality signal into measurable output electrical signal, which can display pressure value on-screen through precise calculation by MCU. With the characteristics of low power consumption, compact size, lightweight, high accuracy, and good temperature characteristics, it is convenient for users to grasp the change of pressure at any time.

Innovative Methods of Heat Conduction & Heat Dissipation

The heat press adopts the innovative method of heat dissipation with SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier). It is equipped with a professional-grade aluminum radiator, which has fast heat dissipation and can quickly cool down SCR, so that it can be heated at the initial stage and at full power output, with a 5% increase in power than traditional peer products and advantages of rapid heating and long battery life, avoiding uneven heating and other safety hazards.

Safe & Reliable Multi-layer Thermal Insulation Materials

Compared with peer products, it adopts multi-layer different thermal insulation materials with high-temperature resistance and a fire rating of V0. The resistance wire of the heating tube is made of nickel-chromium wire Cr20Ni80 and can be used at a high temperature of 1400 °C for a long time, strong and difficult to deform, which has good plasticity at room temperature so that it can be repaired after deforming.

User-friendly Design of Dual Handles

Its ergonomic design creates a unique heat press that is suitable for various personalized users. What's more, through the dual handles installed on both sides of the heat press, it is convenient for users to operate flexibly with one hand or both hands, light and comfortable.

Conform to Minimalist Design & Environmental Protection Concept

The overall shape is elegant with smooth lines, and its better-designed surface with a chrome-plated rose gold decorative ring around it can reflect the elegance of this heat-press, which is in line with contemporary aesthetics without any redundant design elements, conforming to minimalist design. 

HTVRont 10*10 Easy Press Heat Press Machine can be found on its official website and Amazon.  

Activity time: Jan. 26th, 17:00 PST- Feb. 7th, 17:00 PST. 

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