HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is Highly Recognized as the FDA Gold Winner

The top-ranking automatic heat press machine won the 2023 Gold Award in the French Design Award. 

HTVRONT, one of the famous and leading brands in the handicraft industry, announces that its most intelligent machine, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, has earned the Gold Award in the French Design Award, one of the world’s most influential design awards. And LOKLiK Crafter, the newest cutting machine for starters from its sister brand, won the FDA prize as well.

The French Design Award (FDA), established in France by the International Award Association (IAA), is an international competition that honors and acknowledges the zenith of creative genius in interior, architectural, product, and packaging design. This prestigious award is committed to giving global designers a broader platform to convey their design concepts, display excellent design works, and lead global design innovation, representing the world's first-class design appreciation level.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, as the first and most competent heat press of HTVRONT, features an easy-to-carry-around body with only 32 lb/14.5 kg in weight and has scientifically earned several patents for its innovative functional designs, including the automatic lifting structure, heating devices, and pullout drawer plate for high security. This machine represents the great importance of home safety and intelligence, which is valued deeply by the HTVRONT product team.

This heat press is known for its one-click pressing feature with automatic pressure applied to all the heat transfer materials and substrates with a maximum thickness of 2.5 cm/ 1 inch on the heat plate. This remarkable feature is not only a vast breakthrough but also sets a new standard for a heat press nowadays.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press has also gotten rid of the traditional industrial machine design, which requires handing the materials and substrates over the heating area after the machine is heated up. It adopts a pullout drawer design for users to place the accessories safely without heat hovering above their hands and, therefore, massively enhances the security for families and crafters.

With uniform and rapid heat supported by the dual-zone heating engine and the built-in fast modes, this automatic heat press machine delivers increased efficiency. The default four fast modes for the most common materials are born to help even beginners to churn out professional and delicate projects, while the added “Auto” ironing mode designed for batch production allows for accelerating everyone’s crafting process.

Herman, the CEO of HTVRONT, said, “We’re always committed to conveying the best-valued products and service for every craft lover. DIY is never a thing only for talented people but for those who embrace their lives with love and passion. And that’s what we strive for, empowering these people with our joint effort.”

It’s reported that HTVRONT is about to release the next generation of its automatic heat press machine. Let’s stay tuned for that.

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