HTVRONT Announces Auto Heat Press - World's First Smart, Multifunctional Fast Heating and Pressure Control Machine

HTVRONT, an energetic handicraft brand rising in the crafting market, now announces its smartest heat press machine -- HTVRONT Auto Heat Press.

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press will be unveiled in June 2022, available on

Smart Heat Press

As the most convenient machine on the existing market with zero push, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is simple to set and start with only one button. Semiconductor pressure sensors inside the machine help auto-adjust materials up to 2.5 cm thick. Moreover, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity with the auto-off feature. 

4-min Rapid Heating

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press features a dual-zone heating engine, which takes less than six minutes to heat from room temperature to 410°F (210°C). And approximately three minutes to reach regular working temperature of 150°C. Hence, it will save users lots of time waiting for heating. 

Even Heat Controlled by NTC

With a soleplate combined with NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor technology, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press provides even heat edge-to-edge. Therefore, it can help control the actual temperature and time more precisely and prevent projects from ruining and incomplete patterns. 

Various Modes Setting 

Including four fast modes (compatible with HTVRONT materials) and two user-defined modes, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press improves the efficiency to at least 300% within the same time. By clicking the "auto" button, the continuous iron mode can help users create projects in batches. 

Safety Use: H-Cooling Technology

A separate heating and placing area, plus thermal insulation materials, help avoid accidental burns. Adopting HTVRONT's innovative methods of heat dissipation, H-Cooling technology, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press can cool down much faster than before. FCC & UL certificated, HTVRONT Auto Heat Press also reaches the required safety standard.


HTVRONT, as an innovative and practical helper of craft lovers, is committed to working on more advanced materials, tools, and machines in handicrafts. With its global supply chains, convenient warehouse and logistics system, over 12000² meters of independent production R&D workshop, HTVRONT provides superior products for every customer. It offers easy-to-use heat press machines like the newest Auto Heat Press, Easy Heat Press, and Mini Heat Press, alongside various crafting materials like all types of vinyl, iron-on, candles, tie-dye kits, sublimation paper, resins, and high-quality weeding tools, and cutting blades. All HTVRONT products can be found online and at Click it to check out more detailed information and follow @htvront on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.




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