HTBASE Launches New Control and Data Plane Fabric

JUKE, the new platform developed by HTBASE, stitches multiple clouds together allowing containers to move with no data transformation.

HTBASE Corp, the leader in multi-cloud control and data fabric, announced today the release of its new cloud infrastructure platform: JUKE. With JUKE, organizations can finally overcome the limitations associated with adopting a multi-cloud strategy. JUKE is built on a robust foundation of software-defined networking and storage fabrics that pool cloud resources together into a single entity that is easily consumed by orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. As applications are deployed onto JUKE, individual microservices can be dispersed across cloud platforms and stateful volumes can be made highly-available, providing resilience in the event of an outage. Furthermore, microservices can be migrated between clouds with zero reconfiguration allowing organizations to avoid vendor lock-in and runaway cloud costs. The result is a truly cloud-agnostic platform that delivers the agility, flexibility, and cost-control sought after by the most demanding organizations in the world.

JUKE’s core capabilities include:

Multi-Cloud - All resource such as compute, network and storage are pooled under a single control and data fabric; allowing companies to pick and choose how they would like their infrastructure to be composed, between public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, or GCP), on-premise private cloud or a mixture of both. 

Persistent Storage - JUKE builds a single persistent layer of storage through its unique software-defined storage system. With JUKE FS, applications and containers can leverage an aggregated storage pool made up of resources across cloud environments providing high-availability and advanced data management like snapshots and replication.

Persistent Network – JUKE meshes on-prem and public cloud nodes together using a robust software-defined network. The resulting network fabric allows layer 2 connectivity to span multiple clouds, binding all nodes with local IP addresses. DevOps professionals can add nodes from disparate cloud service providers and manage them all as a single local entity.

Additional Enterprise Features - JUKE provides a built-in marketplace with a catalog of operating systems, applications, orchestration tools and more. JUKE also includes load balancer services for clustered applications, auto-scaling of cloud resources, and container performance monitoring. Enterprise customers can also take advantage of provisioning and orchestration services; delivering a complete lifecycle management solution for any organization looking to adopt a multi-cloud strategy.

“I *love* HTBASE's JUKE! The product is incredibly diverse, with abilities that extend beyond a typical environment. Being able to converge hardware and software across diverse and multi-brands so seamlessly is simply amazing! The management is also extremely easy and flexible and not something that requires a Ph.D. in technology to deploy. Add the fact that the resilience of the entire system is superb since there is no reliance on any single hardware or cloud provider and you have the recipe for an extremely flexible and resilient high-performance system that I have not seen matched anywhere else!”
Lou Melograna, CTO and Co-Founder of StarNet Solutions


JUKE Trial version is currently available for download, register for it here

JUKE will be available in two versions: a full-featured trial version limited to 4 nodes; and an unrestricted enterprise version billed annually per node when deployed on-premise, or billed per hour when consumed through public cloud services such as: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

For more information on JUKE, check out our video, visit the HTBASE Website or read more on the HTBASE Blog.

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