How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer, According to a Leading Melbourne Florist

While flowers will inevitably die, there are some things that can be done to keep them fresh for longer. A leading Melbourne-based florist explains how.

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According to Amazing Graze Flowers, which offers same-day flower delivery in Melbourne, caring for cut flowers is a matter of managing and controlling basic conditions such as water, food and temperature. Providing the optimal amount of each for cut flowers will ensure they stay vibrant and fresh for longer.

Water is essential for all life on Earth and plays the most important role when it comes to keeping cut flowers thriving. Amazing Graze Flowers says it's important to ensure cut flowers are getting enough to drink and water should be changed and the vase cleaned every couple of days.

After opening a bouquet, the flower stems should be trimmed at a 45-degree angle to give them a larger area to drink from. Amazing Graze Flowers recommends repeating this every few days to give cut flowers a longer lease on life.

When adding the bouquet of flowers to a vase, Amazing Graze Flowers says all leaves that sink below water level should be removed to prevent rot and unwanted bacterial growth. Additionally, the fewer leaves there are, the more water the flowers will get to drink.

Flowers need nutrients to survive, which they get from leaves prior to being cut, explains Amazing Graze Flowers. Once they have been cut and leaves have been plucked from the arrangement, the nutrient supply will be low. If the bouquet came with a packet of sucrose-rich flower food, add this to the water, following the instructions.

Amazing Graze Flowers says cold temperatures delay biological processes and can help to preserve cut flowers. To make an arrangement last longer, popping the vase in the fridge overnight just as florists do will help to prolong its beauty. It's also a good idea to keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight and other sources of heat or drafts and away from fruit to make them last longer too, says Amazing Graze Flowers.

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