How to Convert SoundCloud and YouTube to MP3 ? offers the fastest and simplest way to convert YouTube and SoundCloud to MP3. Music lovers rapidly fall in love with this MP3 conversion tool has made.

This tool is absolutely free, requires no registration or downloading, compatible with multi-operating systems, and supporting ringtone service. This MP3 web tool serves you an attractive journey to get your favorite MP3 file by offering three simple steps:​

Step 1: Input the name or the URL/link the song you want to convert into search box of mp3cola HERE

SoundCloud & Youtube Downloader

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In the first stage, you need to visit YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo or more to select the videos/ tracks which you want to convert. Copy the link you select. In case, you have already had the name, you can input directly the name of the song in our search box. If not, you paste the copied link into this box.

Step 2: Click the "Download" button and wait for a few seconds to processing data

When you have already pasted the copied link into our search box, you need to click the "Get MP3" button and wait for a few second of processing the data. Typically, this process takes you about 10 minutes. Nonetheless, when the server is overload, it might be slower.

Step 3: Click the "Download Now" button and enjoy your MP3 File. It's time to enjoy your converted MP3 which has the same quality in sound with the root videos/ tracks.

When you get completely pleasant with this YouTube and SoundCloud to MP3 converter, take your time to share your joyful experience on mp3cola website with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Tweet, or Google+. We truly believe that the sharing more useful than ever.

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