How a Layoff Laid the Foundation for a Successful Business

​​​In business, everyone starts somewhere, and Jon Rush of C7 Device Recycle is no different - Ben Simkin of BusinessNET interviewed the owner in his Entrepreneur column, How One Man Turned a Layoff Into a Successful Business where he shares his story from low-lights to highlights.

Ben Simkin sheds light on how “most people take the traditional route because working for a large company with an established market presence can appear to be the most secure and reliable option available. When this stability falls through, some people panic; others see it as an opportunity. Jon Rush is one of those opportunists”.

As Rush found, “after a decade of stable income and job security, he was informed that his employer was going in a new direction and that they would not be renewing his contract”.

In these scenarios, it’s natural for people to panic, however “Rush used this opportunity to start a unique business. He now owns C7 Device Recycle, a startup that buys and refurbishes pre-owned smartphones, and sells them at a fraction of the cost”

In the article, he shared his best strategies to help aspiring business owners become self-employed:

  • Utilize existing knowledge to pursue new opportunities

Many people look to find their ‘big idea’, however Rush makes his case as he “would accept old phones in exchange for his services and would then refurbish and resell them online. While many people may dream of pursuing a career based off their passion or area of expertise, it can be hard to find a starting point. By taking small steps to build a steady stream of clients and revenue, it is much easier to grow into a self-sufficient entrepreneur”.

  • Network with others, and take chances.

In the article, Simkin highlights one of Mr Rush’s key strategies where he states, “establishing oneself as a notable presence in a given industry can present networking opportunities. And while some prospective entrepreneurs may be hesitant to take financial risks, this is necessary in order to grow a part-time freelance operation into a fully-functional business”.

  • Capitalize on prevailing business trends.

Both recognise that, “in order to become a successful entrepreneur, a person must utilize their strengths. However, they must also consider what potential customers are looking for. By presenting a service that is in high demand, anyone can improve their chances of success”.

  • Pursue business ownership in a strategic manner.

“It can be difficult to abandon the security of a traditional job to pursue an independent business endeavor. Like many people, Rush found himself chasing his dream not out of choice but out of necessity,” Simkin shares.

“Even the most stable company can let employees go with little warning. While going into business independently may seem difficult, a focused plan makes it much easier. Fears and uncertainties can be circumvented by approaching entrepreneurship tactically and strategically.” - tells Simkin.

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Source: BusinessNET

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