How a Firm That Teaches Ways to Handle Life's Stresses Got Help and Survived a Database Meltdown

Summary: Citinet Solutions' quick work rebuilding faulty FileMaker databases saves the credibility of a global consulting company

​Citinet Solutions, which elevates business processes and relationships through affordable technology solutions, announced today that its fast and effective database work helped a consulting firm save its reputation and avoid a cash-flow crisis.

Balancing Life’s Issues, which provides training programs for businesses, employee assistance programs, schools and nonprofits, was on the verge of a financial deadlock when Citinet was asked to step in.

The company’s nearly 2,000 freelance consultants couldn’t get into the FileMaker-based system to bill hours, and the back office couldn’t invoice customers.

“We were a minute from going back to paper,” said BLI founder Wendy Wollner, whose consulting staff includes social workers, wellness coaches, registered dieticians, fitness instructors, CPAs, financial advisors and lawyers, among others.

A software crash would be troubling for any company, but it was especially challenging for the 30-year-old BLI, which stakes its reputation on helping others deal with life’s unanticipated bumps and detours.

“Anything that destroys my credibility is devastating, and the vendor that did the original FileMaker installation just couldn’t seem to get it right. We needed Citinet’s help fast,” Wollner said.

The Citinet team knew FileMaker could do everything BLI needed – and more – when configured and integrated properly.

After debugging, the team moved on to standardizing code, fortifying functional interactions to improve user experience and fixing the QuickBooks integration.

BLI was back in the digital world quickly, saving staff hours, improving cash flow and boosting confidence in its FileMaker application.

Citinet also integrated an e-signature feature to make it easier for consultants to complete legal forms and added an iPhone app so trainers can capture on-site training evaluation feedback.

“We’re not finished yet,” said Citinet founder Ed Zaremba. “Now that BLI is on a firm footing for its daily business routines, we’ll be coming back to add advanced automation and SMS texting that can be triggered automatically or manually. That’ll help everybody stay in the loop.”

Wollner looks forward to Citinet’s continued help.

“I went to from having no belief that the system could work to, ‘Wow, Citinet can make it do 29 other things,’” she says.

About Citinet Solutions:

Citinet Solutions was founded in 2004 as the first Apple Computer authorized business agent in Westchester County, NY, and the second in New York City. We’re happily independent with current government clearance. Citinet’s wide range of skill sets allows it to tap into a suite of capabilities; from acute listening, designing custom software, creating company-wide workflows, innovative automation, to measurable reporting metrics. We believe in hands-on only; no outsourcing, ever. Citinet is a member of the Westchester Business Council and the FileMaker Business Alliance.

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