Hoverfly Technologies Surpasses 300 LiveSky Sales to U.S. Government

Over 300 LiveSky Tethered UAS Sold To The U.S. Government With New Order For 43 Systems

LiveSky Spectre with Logos WAMI payload

Hoverfly Technologies Inc. announced today another order for 43 LiveSky systems for the US Army, now surpassing over 300 LiveSky tethered drones sold to the U.S. government. LiveSky is a turnkey tethered UAS platform with infinite flight time, offering on-demand persistent ISR capabilities and communications relay solutions. National defense, intelligence, and homeland security customers have all benefited from LiveSky solutions as a force multiplier in mission-critical situations.

LiveSky Sentry and LiveSky Defender, often referred to as the Variable Height Antenna (VHA) for network range extension, have been deployed both domestically and internationally in all-weather environments. Hoverfly's new LiveSky HL Spectre caught the eye of DoD and USG agencies in recent months due to its multi-payload capability. LiveSky HL Spectre can carry up to three payloads, offering both persistent ISR and broadband network communications relay solutions at the press of a button. 

All LiveSky platforms are payload agnostic, allowing integration of a variety of third-party payloads. USG customers employ Silvus, Trellisware, Persistent Systems, and other tactical radios on LiveSky platforms for broadband network range extension, giving our troops unparalleled situational awareness on the battlefield. Equipping LiveSky with ISR payloads provides live full-motion video streams that can be viewed locally, by operators using Tactical Awareness Kit (TAK), and over networks anywhere in the world. LiveSky does not operate using any radio frequency (RF) signals, making it impossible for the data within the system to be jammed, hacked, or intercepted. Additional payloads are available for integration, to include 5G, C-UAS, and EW systems that are more effective at 200'.

USG customers have identified the ability to seamlessly integrate into any network as a key differentiator for Hoverfly tethered drone solutions. LiveSky platforms have been an integral part of multiple ground vehicle programs, enhancing both manned and unmanned on-the-move capabilities. Hoverfly President and COO, Steve Walters, explains, "Various surveillance, radio, and network achieve maximum performance at elevation. Hoverfly LiveSky systems continue to prove that seeking the high ground can be achieved in seconds. Hoverfly's culture is entrepreneurial and encourages innovation and disruption to the legacy methods of achieving payload elevation, and we are proud to provide capability to the U.S. government, first responders, and foreign partners. "

More and more USG  procurement requirements are including tethered UAS, and Hoverfly remains the industry leader with hundreds of units deployed to USG customers. More information on the different LiveSky platforms can be found at hoverflytech.com

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