Hoverfly Technologies Announces New SVP, Engineering Jeffrey Van Anda

New Hoverfly Technologies  SVP, Engineering Jeffrey Van Anda

Jeffrey Van Anda, a professional with over 25 years of engineering experience, succeeds John McDade as SVP, Engineering at Hoverfly Technologies, Inc. ("Hoverfly").

At the conclusion of 2022, Hoverfly's John McDade announced his retirement after spending almost eight years in a variety of roles. "John has been with Hoverfly since its inception in the tethered drone space and the teams he managed helped create the standard of excellence we have today. We wish him nothing but the best in his retirement," said Hoverfly President and COO Steve Walters.

John McDade is succeeded by respected leader Jeffrey Van Anda. Van Anda is a technical visionary with over 25 years of engineering design and leadership experience. He was the former VP of Engineering at Orion Technologies where he built and led an engineering team to design high-speed backplanes, complicated single-board computers, and rugged computer systems for various military customers. This experience also included hardening the quality processes to gain AS9100 quality certification for the company. Van Anda holds degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering from the University of Florida.

"With Jeff Van Anda, we are excited to bring on a proven, driven professional who we know will be an exemplary leader for our engineering team in an exciting chapter for the company. Our organization continuing to grow and evolve is a testament to the trajectory of the company and we are thrilled to welcome Jeff to the team," said Walters. 

Van Anda uses his unique breadth of both engineering acumen and organizational leadership to ensure consistent growth for both the business and each individual professional on the team. Trusted and respected for transparency, communication, critical thinking, and the establishment of sound processes, Van Anda ensures all stakeholders and teammates are aware of the priorities and methods to achieve them.

Source: Hoverfly Technologies, Inc.

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