Hoodoo Digital Provides Search for Marketers in Adobe Experience Manager Using the Cludo Connector for AEM

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Hoodoo Digital, a premier provider of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) products and solutions, has done it again, bringing more third-party marketing technology to Adobe Experience Manager. They have announced the release of the Cludo connector for AEM and its listing on the Adobe Exchange, a collection of third party marketing technology certified by Adobe to work with their various products. Hoodoo teamed up with Cludo, one of the world’s leading site search and insights providers, to create this connector. Tyler Maynard, Multi Solution Consultant at Hoodoo Digital, said of the relationship with Cludo, “Search is a prominent way that people are finding content on every website. It’s nice to know that there is a search partner out there that thinks of marketing as well.”

The Cludo connector for AEM will give website users the ability to seamlessly search and find any and all content in their AEM site. AEM Admins will have cloud configurations for easy administration, with client libraries to support on-page JavaScript snippets or to hold Cludo-specific JavaScript and CSS. Website content authors will have drag-n-drop search and search results components for embedding within a template or use in general page authoring through the drop area, tools that can trigger Cludo to reindex site content after a page "Publish" event, and reporting dashboards for quick and insightful decision making, all without leaving AEM's interface. Of the partnership, Jennifer Nesbit, Manager of Customer Experience at Cludo said, “Cludo is dedicated to making site search as easy to implement as possible, which is why teaming up with Hoodoo Digital to create a seamless integration specifically for Adobe Experience Manager was no question.”

Hoodoo wanted to partner with a search product that was easily customizable. Additionally, Cludo uses machine learning-driven intelligence to enhance the relevance and precision of search results while giving users full control of their searches. They liked knowing that marketers would be able to control their site search solution without intervention from their IT team, with simple-to-use tools and an easy, customizable setup. Dusan Novakovic, Chief Product Owner at Cludo explained, “With features like Quicklinks, Page Rankings, and Smart Banners, marketers have the ability to transform the way visitors use their website. Marketers can work directly from their analytics dashboard in real-time, making data-driven decisions that improve user experiences and enhance conversion rates.”

With the launch of the new Cludo connector for AEM, Hoodoo complements its product suite of connectors for the Adobe Experience Cloud platform. In addition to the Cludo connector, Hoodoo provides the uStudio connector for AEM to handle video lifecycle management, Workfront Tools connector for AEM for enterprise work management, and the Fastly connector for AEM to enable seamless management of edge cloud caching and security. “We are excited to expand our group of connectors that enhances the experience of using Adobe Experience Manager. The Cludo connector for AEM will easily empower marketing teams by providing the power of their search analytics in an easily digestible way,” said Andy Wakefield, co-founder of Hoodoo Digital.

For more details about the Cludo connector for AEM by Hoodoo visit: https://hoodoo.digital/connectors/cludo.

Hoodoo Digital brings simplicity to the complexity of AEM implementations. Using an optimized implementation process and a suite of software tools, Hoodoo delivers solutions that utilize the latest features of AEM and provide a highly effective way for marketing teams to accomplish their daily goals. To learn more, visit https://hoodoo.digital or follow us on Twitter: @HoodooDigital.

Cludo (www.cludo.com) is one of the world’s leading site search providers. Utilized by marketers, Cludo’s unique and easy-to-use search and insights engine efficiently implements, customizes, and provides insights through your website’s search functionality. Cludo’s intelligent solutions are compatible with any website, and can be installed in minutes. For more information please visit www.cludo.com, or reach out to us at www.cludo.com/contact.

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