Hoodoo Digital, a Platinum-Level Sponsor for Adobe Summit 2021, Presents With Partner IHG Hotels and Resorts

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Hoodoo Digital, a provider of Adobe Experience Cloud products and solutions, is increasing its sponsorship of Adobe Summit 2021 to Platinum, the company's third year of significant sponsorship. After another great year of continuing to build a team of the industry's most experienced Architects, Consultants, Practitioners, and DevOps engineers, Hoodoo will showcase its expertise of Adobe Experience Cloud applications, including Workfront, an Adobe company, by presenting a session with its partner IHG Hotels and Resorts.

Hoodoo Digital

Hoodoo began with the vision of transforming the technologies that drive digital experiences, and the last year has brought accelerated growth and transformation. Along with increasing its sponsorship level, Hoodoo has had a successful year of helping several companies with their Adobe Experience Cloud implementations. The company continues to be a strategic partner for enterprise organizations that need end-to-end marketing technology services. 

Hoodoo distinguishes itself through Adobe specializations and an ability to acquire top talent. Along with re-specializing in Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Adobe Experience Manager Sites Run and Operate, Hoodoo has added Adobe Certified Experts in Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target; ranging from Business Practitioners, Developers, Lead Developers, Architects, and DevOps Engineers. "We've significantly grown our team of architects, engineers, and business experts to over 80, and the growth continues. We have certified experts and masters in Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target," stated Jon Baddley, Chief Growth Officer at Hoodoo.

Over the last year, Hoodoo has continued to strengthen its partnership with Adobe, recently becoming a Platinum partner in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. Additionally, Hoodoo has participated in multiple Adobe events including the "AEM Rockstar 2020" competition, where Tyler Maynard, Chief Solutions Architect for Hoodoo, was named as the winner for his submission "Design Systems that Scale: A Workflow for XD, Storybook, and Adobe Experience Manager". Additionally, Tyler showed how organizations could succeed with Adobe's Digital Foundation Blueprint, by showcasing how joint customer Lionbridge was able to completely launch a new site in under 90 days for Adobe's "Best Practices for Fast Time to Value with AEM Digital Foundation Blueprint" webinar to members of the Adobe Solution Partner Program. And most recently, because of the volume of certifications the Hoodoo team accrued over the last year, the company was asked to participate in a webinar about the Adobe Certification program, "The Value of Adobe Certification: Best Practices for Getting Certified". 

As a Platinum sponsor of Adobe Summit 2021, Hoodoo Digital will be presenting a session called "Adobe Experience Manager + Adobe Workfront: Accelerating Global Brand Management at IHG'' with partner IHG Hotels & Resorts. Kara Troester, Solution Consultant for Hoodoo Digital, will be presenting with Jake Issac, Vice President Guest Products and Platforms, from IHG to describe how IHG used Adobe Experience Manager and Workfront, an Adobe company, to scale delivery by connecting their technology investments and automating internal processes to improve digital experiences, optimize campaign management, and reduce operational costs. Of the session, Jake Issac said, "We were excited that Hoodoo wanted to share our story about the way they partnered with us to build an integrated system to allow us to have more control over our global content using Experience Manager and Workfront, an Adobe company."

Hoodoo has long been supporting organizations looking to connect Workfront, an Adobe company, and Adobe Experience Manager together to improve workflow and content management. Prior to the acquisition of Workfront, an Adobe company, Hoodoo was a Workfront Certified Partner with Workfront-certified consultants on staff. Kem Elbrader, Hoodoo Co-founder, said, "Many of our early customers were those who needed help linking up Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Assets to ensure that assets and metadata created and approved across an organization made it completely into Adobe Experience Manager so that they could be used by the marketing teams in their various downstream channels." Kem added "Over the years we have improved this connection to include such things as Dynamic Media and Adobe Experience Manager Sites, with more additions planned. This really opens up larger opportunities for organizations to automate and speed up content creation." 

As creators and producers of digital experiences, Hoodoo has recognized a recurring pattern of disorganization and project bloat that can delay the launch of websites and garner frustration internally. Hoodoo has been working with Adobe on its Digital Foundation Blueprint, a streamlined approach to Experience Manager implementations that simplifies the process and allows marketers to create experiences in Adobe Experience Manager sooner, while following Adobe best practices. Andy Wakefield, Hoodoo Co-founder, stated, "These implementations are creating wins for marketing departments much quicker than normal within organizations--helping them to prove the value for the cost sooner. And because they are using the out-of-the-box tools, it makes staying up-to-date with Adobe's software releases much easier. This reduces barriers for adopting Adobe Experience Manager." 

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Hoodoo Digital brings simplicity to the complexity of Adobe Experience Cloud implementations. Using an optimized implementation process and a suite of software tools, Hoodoo delivers solutions that utilize the latest features of Adobe Experience Cloud and Workfront to provide highly effective tool sets for marketing teams to accomplish their daily goals. To learn more, visit  https://hoodoo.digital or follow us on Twitter: @HoodooDigital.

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About Hoodoo Digital

Hoodoo Digital brings simplicity to the complexity of an AEM implementation and complements it with outstanding experience design.

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