Hoodoo Digital Brings Next Generation Media Capabilities to Adobe Experience Manager

Hoodoo leverages industry-leading media platform uStudio to handle video lifecycle management without ever leaving Adobe Experience Manager

Hoodoo Digital

Hoodoo Digital, a premier provider of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) products and solutions, today announced the official release of the uStudio Connector. Hoodoo teamed up with uStudio, Inc., the industry’s leading media platform for the enterprise, to strengthen the video management and distribution capabilities for Adobe Experience Manager.

Andy Wakefield, Co-founder of Hoodoo, explained the importance of the release, “When we set out to ‘reinvent AEM Implementation’, a core part of our strategy was to form partnerships and create AEM Connectors that address the most critical enterprise needs. Simplifying the technology for marketing teams to create, manage, and deploy engaging media content is one our driving priorities, and the new uStudio Connector does that beautifully.”

Hoodoo has proven itself one of the most innovative Adobe integrators on the market. Their relentless focus on usability and simplicity make them an ideal uStudio partner, as we further our mission of making media as easy to use at work as it is at home.

Bryan Jones, Chief Operating Officer

With the launch of the new uStudio Connector, Hoodoo complements its product suite focused on enterprise asset management for the Adobe Experience Cloud platform. In addition to the uStudio Connector, Hoodoo provides the Workfront Connector for enterprise work management, and the Fastly Connector to enable seamless management of edge cloud caching and security.

The uStudio Connector allows customers to take advantage of the robust organization, collaboration, and workflow tools in AEM Assets, while uStudio seamlessly handles the video transcoding, storage, and content delivery behind the scenes. After installing the connector, AEM Sites authors can intuitively find and add their uStudio videos using the asset browser and add their videos to their AEM content using standard methodologies. The new uStudio interactive HTML5 player component gives organizations complete control over their player experience using the powerful uStudio Player Framework.   

Asked why Hoodoo selected uStudio as a strategic partner, Andy added: “We have very specific criteria that we have found leads to successful partnerships for AEM Connectors and uStudio met all three. One, the organization needs to be solving a problem targeted at enterprise organizations in a unique and compelling way; Two, the underlying technology of the partner platform must be well-architected with a robust API; and three, the investment from executive leadership of the partner and a commitment to building value in the Adobe ecosystem.”

“uStudio is delighted to enhance our media solutions within the Adobe ecosystem and to welcome Hoodoo Digital as a uStudio platform partner,” said Bryan Jones, Chief Operating Officer at uStudio. “Hoodoo has proven itself one of the most innovative Adobe integrators on the market. Their relentless focus on usability and simplicity make them an ideal uStudio partner, as we further our mission of making media as easy to use at work as it is at home. We are excited to work with Hoodoo to bring the transformational power of media to Adobe, accelerating the ability of AEM users to use audio and video successfully every day.”

For more details about the uStudio Connector by Hoodoo visit https://hoodoo.digital/connectors/ustudio.

Hoodoo Digital brings simplicity to the complexity of AEM implementations. Using an optimized implementation process and a suite of software tools, Hoodoo delivers solutions that utilize the latest features of AEM and provide a highly effective way for marketing teams to accomplish their daily goals. To learn more, visit https://hoodoo.digital or follow us on Twitter: @HoodooDigital

uStudio, Inc. is a recognized innovator of enterprise communications. Its patented, cloud-based media platform helps the world’s leading companies reinvent the way they use media across their businesses. From live streaming to VOD, podcasting, media management, and core process and system integration, uStudio helps market leaders such as Universal Music, Kohl’s, and Alcon Novartis use media to deliver speed, scale and competitive advantage. For more information on our Hoodoo Digital partnership visit: https://ustudio.com/blog/customer-spotlight/hoodoo-builds-aem-connector-using-ustudio

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