Honda Key for PUSH55 Challenge Winner in Nigeria

On August 30, one Nigerian will win a Honda Civic while 50 other people will win I-Pads/PC-Tablets for taking part in the ongoing PUSH55 challenge. They will also give 50 of the newly branded high-end 'NAPOLEON' male and female wrist watches. The creator of PUSH55, Okey Napoleon Iwunwa announced this on twitter handle and also sent it to CNN-ireport. PUSH55 is a show of support for transformation of underprivileged kids, neglected teenager and disadvantaged Nigerian widows.

​​​Eternal Legacy Foundation is pushing hard to inspire and encourage Nigerians to engage in the 55 national push-up fund-raising campaign.

The exercise which is called, PUSH55 because Nigeria is 55 years old since independence. The challenge itself was born out of need and out of love for the children, women and the nation in general. It invites citizens and friends to do a few push-ups, nominate other people to do the same and to donate money towards the cause.

Push55 was born out of need but most importantly, out of love for the nation of Nigeria. We are not a nation until become conscious of the living conditions of our brothers and sisters. And it is our collective responsibility to care for those that do not have. PUSH is a new way of thinking.

Larry Richardson, Media Manager

What cause? The foundation intends to build 6 vocational training and skills acquisition centers in the geo-political zones in Nigeria to train and later finance businesses for underprivileged children in various trades. A proportion of the fund will also be used to launch small business endowment fund for disadvantaged and helpless widows in Nigeria.  To achieve this landmark, the foundation and their partners (youth bank internal - ( are looking to raise about N7billion - (Approximately $35m USD)

To motivate people to do push ups, we hereby announce the following prizes for participants: (A) HONDA CIVIC (B) 50 PC-TABLETS and (C) 50  of the new original 'NAPOLEON' brand custom wrist watches. Next week, the foundation will announce what people must do in order to win a prize. 

Push55 kicked off last Sunday, January 9, 2016 on social media. Speaking on the subject, Dr Iwunwa explained that PUSH55 means working as one family to fix a national need, rather than live as unperturbed individuals with obsession for self-growth and personal wealth acquisition. When a child hurts, the nation should feel hurt. 

"Nigeria at this time, need partners for change, and good citizens for growth. While we expect and demand that our government of Nigeria work and invest on Nigerians, there is also a task for every citizen to think responsibly and to pick up what they can in order for the nation to stand strong.  PUSH55 is a program that knows no ethnic language and speaks of no division among people. It knows no politics and blames nobody. On the contrary, it preaches social change, love, peace and unity of Nigerians and calls on everyone to do push-up, post their videos, nominate friends and donate money to help the needy", 

The program is coordinated through social media- instgram, twitter and facebook . The foundation selected the following individuals to coordinate PUSH program. Mr Ejike Ikezuagu was named the Public Relations Director, Mr Chinedu Nwosu is the National Grass-root Mobilization Coordinator, Okey Josiah Okorafor was named the Director for Government Relations & Special Projects, while Quarnellia Patterson (USA) is the financial manager.  Ms Patterson is an auditor.  Ejike Ikeauagu's experience in taking a strategic vision and executing on that vision will strengthen our effort. He was a governorship aspirant in Imo State, Nigeria during 2014 election.  MoresoOkey Okorafor's proven record for successfully leading initiatives and his leadership skills will well help the foundation to partner seamlessly with the government of Nigeria to guarantee transparency.  Other positions such as Legal, Fundraising Director, Workshop/Event Manager, and the advisory board will soon be named. 

About PUSH55

The Push-55 Challenge (“P-55”) is a voluntary activity undertaken to accomplish the charitable purposes of Eternal Legacy Foundation (“Association”) by raising awareness of and funds for the fight against abandoned Nigerian children and widows. The organization is raising money to build 6 Vocational Career Training Schools and to setup a N1.5 billion Naira Micro-Enterprise Endowment Fund for the deprived and oppressed Nigerian widows.  Visit us at , on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram