A Residential Service Company Introduces Nationwide Mobile Auto Repair Services

A Texas company, Door2Door Tech.com Inc. which provides free home maintenance and repairs has added free mobile auto service in the pack. By subscription, a home owner can now receive all-in-one service pack for a dollar

Home Services for $1.00

Door2DoorTech.com, the nation’s home technician network, announced the addition of mobile auto service to their $1.00 service plan. The service will guarantee free auto service to enrolled members of Door2Door.

The economy is bad and many people run into financial difficulties when it comes to paying for homes repairs and maintenance.  Handy man is un-affordable but people need those home services.  There is no easy way to know when your plumbing, electrical, wall, roof, or appliances will develop problems.  When you own a home, especially, older homes, anything can happen anytime. So, every home owner must be ready at all times.

“We felt there was a niche for a new type of convenience for people who are looking for something special and we created special Door2Door packs  to provide all those essential services under two simple plans. The good news is that you do not pay for services we provide when you register with the company", says Dr Napoleon Okey Iwunwa, CEO of the company. 

Although there are many handyman chains and independent home service contractors, Door2Door offers more and charges no fee when they come to a home. This means that as a service subscriber, you can book for as many jobs as possible and will never be asked for additional service fee. All you pay is a dollar plus your small monthly subscription fee. This makes home maintenance easy and gives home owners peace of mind.

By adding free mobile and door front auto repair, it means that our members now enjoy even more convenience than ever before. More information about this new package can be gathered on the company’s website, door2doortech

About Door2DoorTech.com

Door2DoorTech.com is headquartered in Houston and employees 5000 service technicians nationwide. We specialize in home services, repairs, and maintenance around the nation. We do small remodel and handyman related jobs such as drywall repair, painting, flooring, concrete flat-work, masonry, roof repair, plumbing, HVAC service, custom cabinets and so much more as well as auto repair at your door front.  Door2Doortech as America's handy-man network virtually eliminates every overhead and pass the savings to our valued member customers


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