"Holy Inspiration": Striking and Meaningful Party Decorations

Invents unveils "Holy Inspiration" which depicts scenes and scriptures in variety of colors and lettering for special events.

​At any time of year Christians worship and this new product is perfect for them. Holy Inspiration is an entire line of party supplies including wrapping paper, coated paper plates, tablecloths, cups and utensils as well as decorative balloons, bunting and other festive accessories used to celebrate various dates, holidays and other special events. All the items are adorned with religious scriptures and illustrations corresponding to Biblical themes.  The design intent is to provide consumers with striking and meaningful decorations to suit all their party or event needs.

Holy Inspiration table settings include: paper plates in a variety of sizes as well as matching cups, napkins and plastic utensils. Balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, paper and plastic tablecloths, as well as bunting and streamers are in the Holy Inspiration line of products. What makes this line so attractive is the plethora of vibrant colors, metallic tones and understated neutral hues. Elegantly rendered biblical verses from both the Old Testament and New Testament corresponding with a particular theme or event and the text is imprinted on the surface of individual items. Decorative biblical images range from kid-friendly cartoons to more realistic renderings. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Holy Inspiration.
The Patent Pending Holy Inspiration was invented by Carol Mitchell of Chicago, IL who said, “This is such an easy way to display one’s faith for special parties and events. Churches as well as households will benefit from using Holy Inspiration. It is a subtle way to call attention to the event while spreading love and Christian values.”

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