Holographic-Like Projection Now Possible via Smartphone

A simple device referred to as a hologram pyramid can now be used to convert your smartphone into a pseudo-holographic projector. Developed by Sprybird LLC, the device is an improvement over existing products on the market, featuring a miniaturized suction cup and robust plastic pyramid.

Entrepreneur and native Arizonan,  Jim Smith, has created a clever way to convert your smartphone into a holographic projector. All that is required is a pyramid-shaped plastic part that attaches to your screen by suction cup and special videos which can be downloaded from youtube. "When I first found plans on the internet, I was skeptical that it would work. After 20 minutes of tinkering in the garage, I was able to build it by cutting pieces from a clear cd case. I was amazed that it actually worked, and the hologram looked so real," says Jim. Since building his first pyramid-shaped prototype, Jim was inspired to design it for mass production, making several improvements in the areas of strength, image quality, and usability. "One thing that I noticed is that the prototype pyramid would easily slide off your screen, so I designed a miniature suction cup to solve this issue," replies Jim. After the initial prototype, he began researching how this simple contraption was possible, eventually discovering that it's actually a special effect called Pepper's Ghost. This method has been utilized for many years by companies such as Walt Disney in many of their attractions. "I've designed consumer products for other entrepreneurs over the past 15 years and have always wanted to pursue one of my own. The hologram pyramid is the perfect starter project for me," says Jim.

Recently, Jim created a small business called Sprybird LLC to showcase the product and is now in the midst of raising funds to support it by utilizing Kickstarter.com and other social media outlets. He hopes to raise enough capital for delivery of the product in April, 2016. Future plans include a larger version of the hologram pyramid for tablet computers. He's also working on his own hologram videos, including a 3D alphabet to help children learn to read.

"Love love love this!!! The alphabet for kids is the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen! My cousin's husband has created a fun way of learning that my nephew loves to watch...and not gonna lie...fun for me too lol"

For more information about this project contact Jim Smith by email at jimsmith@sprybird.com

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