Hold the Whiskey! Shots Box Celebrates World Whiskey Day

What better way to celebrate the finely crafted spirit than with unique facts and flavors provided by Shots Box.

Shots Box, the bi-monthly whiskey subscription box created to give whiskey the chance to have shot-sized whiskey trials delivered right to their doorstep, is excited to be celebrating World Whiskey Day 2021. World Whiskey Day celebrates everything whiskey, including the production, development, and variety of flavors that the world of whiskey has to offer. All different types of Whiskey are celebrated on this date: bourbon, Irish, Scotch, etc. Those who love whiskey can celebrate with Shots Box by taking a shot of their favorite brand, trying new ones, and exploring the Shots Box site for cool information about different whiskeys.

"The Shots Box site provides some unique whiskey facts that are not very well-known. This has become a major draw to the site for many of our customers, and we are happy to be providing a whiskey education for newcomers and enthusiasts alike," said JC Stock, Chief Executive Officer of Shots Box.

Whiskey was first invented in Ireland and Scotland. While it was initially thought to be solely invented in Scotland, historians emerged with evidence supporting the notion that Christian missionary monks had actually brought whiskey to Scotland. It was originally used as a medicine in the form of internal anesthetics and external antibiotics. There are 10 different types of whiskey. The variations depend on where the spirit was made and the type of grains in which it was distilled.

"During World Whiskey Month, we are celebrating every kind of whiskey on the market, as they each offer a distinctive flavor that should be appreciated as such," said Stock. "Whiskey lovers can head to the Shots Box site to explore our newest offerings and learn something new about their favorite spirit."

According to the Shots Box team, there is no special way to drink whiskey. With that being said, the team wholeheartedly believes that higher-end whiskey is best drank straight. Drinking whiskey is a preference, whether it's on the rocks (with ice), straight out of the bottle, or with a splash of water - it is up to the individual as to how they want to drink a glass. The spirit is used in famous cocktails around the world: a Manhattan, old-fashioned, and whiskey sour all include whiskey.

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About Shots Box

Shots Box is a bi-monthly subscription service that delivers an array of shot-sized craft distilled whiskeys curated by tastemakers to doorsteps across America. It is a new way to try spirits, discover favorites, and avoid paying top-shelf prices for full bottles of liquor that the consumer has not previously tasted. The service ships the subscriber 10 minis bi-monthly of the best whiskey samples. 

Tiffany Kayar

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