"Hitch-Eze": A Highly Effective and Easily Affordable Accessory for Those Who Own and Enjoy Fifth-Wheel Recreational Vehicles

Invents introduces "Hitch-Eze" which makes hooking-up a Fifth Wheel trailer to a pick-up a true breeze, even when alone.

​In the world of recreational vehicles (RVs), hooking-up a Fifth Wheel trailer has intimidated many an RV’er. To hook-up, the driver must crane his neck to see behind him or have an assistant to provide guidance on aligning the pick-up mounted hitch to the trailer’s king pin. Now, the revolutionary Hitch-Eze changes all that! The Hitch-Eze is a highly effective and easily affordable accessory for those who own and enjoy Fifth-Wheel Recreational Vehicles – but dread the difficult process of hooking them up. The Hitch-Eze device installs and removes quickly, allowing accurate alignment of the hitch to the Fifth Wheel trailer without stress, strain or assistance.
The Hitch-Eze consists of two components; a target and a guide-arm. The target is permanently mounted on the left front shell of the Fifthly Wheel RV, while the guide-arm is temporarily mounted on the left bed rail of the towing pick-up with Velcro or magnets. The target placed on the Fifth Wheel trailer can be as simple as a pair of vertical parallel stripes or something more decorative, such as; two flags or a rainbow design. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hitch-Eze.
The Patent Pending Hitch-Eze was invented by Shelly Meyers of Fountain Valley, CA who explains, “This Hitch-Eze enables drivers to perfectly align and hitch their vehicles to the Fifth Wheels trailer’s kingpin. The driver mounts the device on the pick-up truck’s bed rail in seconds, the driver then uses the large side view mirror to maneuver the guide arm into the target on the trailer’s end cap. Alignment is perfect when the guide arm gently touches the trailer and is situated between the target stripes.  The device is removed from the truck’s bed rail in seconds and hooking-up is a breeze.  The Hitch-Eze makes hooking-up quick, accurate and stress-free.”

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