His Excellency The President of the Republic of Cabo Verde Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca to Visit California

First-Time Presidential Visit to the 'Golden State,' Celebrating 200 Years of U.S. and Cabo Verdeano Alliance

His Excellency

The Embassy and the Consulate General of Cabo Verde in the United States has the honor of formally announcing the upcoming visit of His Excellency Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca, President of the Republic of Cabo Verde, and First Lady Ligia Fonseca to California Sept. 20-23, 2018.

The visit begins with Governor Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown Jr. in Sacramento on Friday, Sept. 21, where he'll be accompanied by the Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs Luis Filipe Tavares, the Ambassador to Washington, D.C., Carlos Veiga, along with Consul General Herminio Moniz. President Fonseca is expected to address issues of common interests between Cabo Verde and the United States in a year when the two countries celebrate 200 years of their official relationship.

I consider this visit to the Cabo Verdean American Communities in California as an obligation.

Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca, President of the Republic of Cabo Verde

In addition to His Excellency's visit to the Californian Cabo Verdean Communities, Jorge Carlos Fonseca stated: "I consider this visit to the Cabo Verdean American Communities in California as an obligation. Our Constitution is clear when it gives equal voice to Cabo Verdeanos born in Cabo Verde or abroad. It is my role as President of the Republic to ensure enduring bonds for future generations to come."

This is the first time that a President of Cabo Verde will visit California, where there are sizable and thriving communities made up of various generations of Cabo Verdeans and Cabo Verdean American organizations throughout Northern and Southern California. Cabo Verdeans living in the United States continue to maintain strong ties with their roots despite the distance between the two countries. In Los Angeles, an enthusiastic Cabo Verdean community has joined efforts to honor His Excellency and the First Lady with a private event (Sept. 22) that will run from the afternoon and into the evening. The day's program will include interactive dialogues and a seated dinner as well as live entertainment featuring internationally acclaimed Cabo Verdean recording artists Maria DeBarros and Joao Pires Correia. The event is expected to be well attended.

The group that calls itself Cabo Verdean Strong CA had this to say: "The California Cabo Verdean communities are excited and look forward to this presidential visit. This is a well-deserved tribute and show of gratitude to the President and First Lady in recognition of their commitment to the vibrant future of our culture and ancestral homeland. President Fonseca and the First Lady embody the power of community with their generosity and dedication. It is our belief that Cabo Verdeanos across the globe has the capacity to mobilize our communities to achieve great things."

Wrapping up the U.S. visit, President Fonseca and his delegation will fly to New York on Sunday, Sept. 23, to participate at the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Contact for Press Conference access scheduled for Sept. 22 at 6:30 p.m.

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Source: Cabo Verdean Strong

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